We're proud to offer the most comprehensive range of Alpine Ear Plugs anywhere on the internet - available now across 14 UK Music Stores nationwide!

Ear Plugs are usually made from Foam at the cheaper end of the scale. These are often disposable, making them ideal for temporary use while swimming or sleeping. Silicone, Wax and polymer options tend to be re-usable and ideal for multiple applications.

Alpine earplugs are also a great solution for working, flying and driving at altitude.


Due to the low profile form factor of most Alpine Music earplugs, they are equally well suited for sleeping and rest, as well as loud music environments. Many people struggle with getting a good nights sleep, and comfortable earplugs are a cost-effective solution - a real no brainer!


Tinnitus is one of the most common problems we face as musicians. After a few years of playing in loud, live music environments, you may start to notice high pitched ringing in your ears which you may never fully recover from. The only way to protect yourself is with proper earplugs with tailored filters to keep your hearing safe. Alpine offers a wide range of earplugs below, with interchangeable dB filters that help attenuate different volumes depending on your location.


Anyone who has stood behind the wheels of steel in a club environment will appreciate just how loud it can get at peak hours! With booth monitors often metres from either ear, hearing protection is an essential (and often overlooked) part of your kit bag you should never be without. Alpine's Musicsafe Classic and Musicsafe Pro are two tried-and-tested earplugs that work well for DJs.

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