Alpine Musicsafe Ear Plugs with Filters
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Alpine Musicsafe Ear Plugs

by Alpine
Musicians run a considerable risk of hearing damage as loud music can lead to hearing loss and other physical problems. The MusicSafe ear pl..

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Musicians run a considerable risk of hearing damage as loud music can lead to hearing loss and other physical problems. The MusicSafe ear plugs contain two different filter sets that provides the wearing with medium and high attenuation rates for many situations. The calibrated filers are designed for listening to music with better clarity while providing optimum hearing protection. MusicSafe Classic ear plugs are comfortable to wear and cause no pressure on or in the ear.

Permanent listening pleasure

Three out of four musicians suffers from permanent hearing loss. Phil Collins, Sting, Eric Clapton, Cher, Rod Steward, these are just a couple of many artists who have signifi cant hearing issues. Hearing loss is often associated with permanently ringing ears or constant noise. Especially for musicians and DJ’s, Alpine has developed the MusicSafe Classic earplugs. Metal or classical, jazz or R&B, with these earplugs, you always have the proper hearing protection on you.

Revolutionary earplug model

Twenty years of experience have allowed Alpine to develop ideal universal music earplugs. The extremely well thought-out and extensively tested shape of the earplugs provides a great fit.

Two different filter sets

The Alpine MusicSafe Classic has gradually become the standard for every semiprofessional musician. The earplugs come with the unique AlpineAcousticFilter. The fi lters only absorb the harmful peak noise. Conversations with fellow-musicians can still be held and the quality of the music remains perfect. This hearing protection comes with two fi lter sets (Medium and High) for an optimal music experience.

AlpineThermoShape material - no silicones

MusicSafe Classic earplugs are made of special thermoplastic material, AlpineThermoShape. This material takes on the shape of the user’s ear. This means that the earplug fi ts your hearing canal perfectly. This prevents the sensation of pressure on your ears, whereas you are still ensured optimal absorption. AlpineThermoShape does not contain any silicones, due to which it does not cause any allergic reactions.

Convenient travel box

The MusicSafe Classic comes with a convenient travel box. It has two practical compartments, allowing you to store the earplugs and fi lters separately. The cool travel box is made of aluminum, has a sturdy fastener and is shock resistant. You can attach the travel box to a keychain, belt or the zipper of your guitar bag.

  • Prevents hearing loss and a ring in your ears
  • Music quality and music experience remain optimal thanks to AlpineAcousticFilters
  • With two pairs of unique filter sets, you can choose your own absorption level
  • Perfect fit thanks to AlpineThermoShape material
  • Convenient travel box keychain
  • No silicone
  • Hardly visible in the ear
  • Dutch Design
  • Reusable



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Warranty2 years

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