Guitar Cables

Whether you're just starting out at home or you're ready to rock out on the big stage - the humble guitar cable will be a part of your rig. With a range of cables in a variety of colours and lengths, we've got you covered no matter if you're patching up your latest pedalboard or plugging in for the very first time. 


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Guitar Cable FAQs

  • What type of cables do I need for my guitar and amp?

    Guitar cables can be bought specifically for this purpose. They use 1/4 inch jack style connectivity.
  • Should I use TRS/stereo or TS/mono cables for my guitar?

    TS/Mono cables should be used for connecting your guitar to an amplifier because the output from a guitar is unbalanced, and so will not benefit from the use of a balanced cable. For running a guitar in stereo, use an A/B/Y pedal or stereo effects unit.
  • What is the difference between guitar and speaker cables?

    Guitar cables are designed to carry low-level signal to an amp, and for this reason are shielded. On the other hand, speaker cables are used to carry strong signals that have already been amplified, and for this reason they do not need to be shielded.
  • Do more expensive guitar cables impact sound quality?

    Expensive guitar cables are a worthy investment if you wish to rid your set-up of additional interference and noise. These cables use the best components to ensure the sound quality is as good as it can possibly be every single time they are used.
  • What is the benefit of coiled guitar cables?

    Coiled guitar cables affect the tone of your guitar due to their increased capacitance. Some people prefer this sound, which is caused simply by the extra length of the cable.