BOSS Katana

The BOSS Katana is a multi-purpose guitar amplifier range that comes in a variety of power output options and sizes. These little monsters are great for home practice but equally well suited for studio recording or even small live-venue use.

Consisting of Katana 50wKatana 100w, Katana ArtistKatana Head and 100w 2x12 Cabinet Versions, the Boss Katana Series offers a combination of classic BOSS Stompbox pedals housed in a rugged, compact enclosure.


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The Ultimate Home Practice Guitar Amp

Designed to capture the sound of traditional Boss Effects in-the-box, the Katana amps offer a simplified solution for home practice without needing to hook up an entire pedalboard. The Boss Katana 100W amps also feature a handy 1w power output mode, so you can squeeze gorgeous tube-like tone with an authentic vintage vibe.

Furthermore, Boss also sell a Mini Katana Amp perfect for travelling with or when home studio space is tight. In addition, there's also a Boss Katana Air Guitar Amplifier which allows for completely wireless play - making it the first completely wireless guitar amplifier.

We think they're some of the best solid-state amplifiers on the market today - nope they're not modelling amps as they're all completely unique sounds developed by Boss. 

The Boss Katana MKII - Improving On A World Class Amplifier!

In October 2019 the team at Boss unveiled the new range of Katana MKII (MK2) amps. These new Katana MK2 versions were redesigned from the ground up to provide players with more sonic choices, more amp sounds and more control over their amp. The Boss Katana MKII amps have 5 extra amp sounds as well as a range of features for the discerning amplifier geeks like us!

Overall, the key feature of the new Katana MKII is the variation buttons on top of the original amp sounds. This effectively gives you 10 amp sounds in 1 amplifier. You have dual effects pots, a new editor and the ability to control your sound via the GA-FC Foot controller when using the Katana-100/212, Katana-100 and Katana Head, and that's just a small example of what these Boss Katana MK2 amps can do.


  • Does the boss katana come with usb cable?

    No, the Boss Katana Amps do not come with a USB cable in the box. The Katana Amps support a USB-Type B cable, depending on what device you are plugging it into.
  • How loud is the boss katana air?

    Very loud! We would recommend using the 0.5w setting for at Home use, but the 25w and 50w settings can hold up in a band or small gig setting.
  • Is boss katana 50 a tube amp?

    The Boss Katana 50 is Solid-State, so they're very close to replicating the sound of a Tube amp.
  • How good are Boss katana amps for gigs?

    The Boss Katana range is perfectly suited for live use. The 50 watt model will offer more than enough headroom for most venues, but if you're planning on playing some bigger shows or festivals then try out the 100 watt combo or the 2x12 cab and head.
  • What power supply for boss katana mini?

    The recommended power supply for the Boss Katana Mini is the Roland PSB-1U. However, the larger Boss Katana amps in the range do include a Power Supply as standard.
  • Who uses Boss Katana amps?

    Countless professional musicians have turned to the Boss Katana range thanks to their versatility and excellent choice of built-in effects.