Starting life mainly as a synth manufacturer, with iconic instruments such as the Supernova and original Bass Station, as well as modern classics like the Peak and Bass Station II. Novation has gone on to help change the way we make music and control software with the Launchpad range and MIDI keyboards.


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Never content to follow the herd, they have helped pioneer natural integration with various DAWs. Including full integration with Ableton and Logic, as well as HUI integration – which gives you hands-on control over Reason, Cubase, Pro Tools, and many more. Giving you a level of control over arrangements, mixers, effects, and instruments like never before.


When the Launchpad was first introduced in 2009, it inspired an evolution in electronic music. Now, with Novation's best line of Launch products, it's time you joined in. With incredible flexibility and portability, the famous Novation Launchpad is a must-have for musicians and producers who want to sink their teeth into fully integrated software like Ableton and Logic.


Sitting at the forefront of digital music in the 21st century, the powerful basslines and soaring leads of Novation Synths are a staple tool with sound designers and other industry professionals. It would be very difficult to find another brand that can hold a candle to the incredible synth heritage of Novation Synthesisers.


A perfect companion for music producers. Novation Keyboards put your music software directly into your hands. Consistently raising the bar for USB MIDI Keyboards, the Novation Launchkey is famous for its intuitive design and fully integrated MIDI control They are packed with fantastic features that expand your potential for production, composition, and performance.


Creativity and Grooveboxes go hand in hand. The Novation Circuit Tracks is a fully independent musical sketchpad. It is a powerful, yet approachable way to take you from no idea to full track in no time. A fantastically inspiring instrument in which you can lose yourself.


A perfect accompaniment to your Novation gear. At PMT we have a diverse range of Novation accessories to protect and display your equipment.