Novation Synths

Sitting at the forefront of digital music in the 21st century. The powerful baselines and soaring leads of Novation Synths are a staple tool with sound designers and other industry professionals. It would be very difficult to find another brand that can hold a candle to the incredible synth heritage of Novation Synthesisers.


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Novation Peak

Bringing a unique blend of analog and digital recording on this eight-voice desktop polyphonic synthesizer have helped to create one of the most innovative and beautifully crafted instruments on the market. This hybrid instrument is a product of Novations rich history, their experience producing the most cutting-edge synths over the years has all come together for the Novation Peak range

Novation Bass

Nothing on the market sounds as warm, fat and dirty as the Novation Bass range. The Bass Station II features two filters, two oscillators and a third sub-oscillator, patch save and a fully analogue effects section. Add a step sequencer, arpeggiator, full sized keys and a powerful modulation section and you have the makings of a synth that is built for bass, but capable of so much more. The analogue monosynth has been reborn, and it's right here on PMT Online.

Novation Summit

The Novation Summit is their flagship 61-key, two-part, 16-voice polyphonic synthesiser. It produces fun and intuitive sound design for Bass, Leads, Arps, Pads Effects and Soundbeds. Decades of Novation heritage, experience and development have all come together and have created this slick new package that sounds like a dream.