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Alto Professional offers state-of-the-art sound reinforcement and performance equipment, including powered loudspeakers, wireless microphones, app-based wireless speaker control, mixers, amplifiers/processors, portable PA systems and more.

While Alto have a 'Professional' series of products aimed at Sound Engineers and studios, they also offer a range of tools for the performing musician. Smaller 5 and 6 channel mixers (Zephyr series), affordable larger Studio Mixers (Live Series) and versatile PA speakers (TX3 Series) help you to get the most out of your talents, all at a very reasonable price.


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Offering state-of-the-art sound reinforcement and pro-level performance equipment, Alto Professional offer a wide range of PA Speakers & Mixing desks to suit every application and need.

From their ultra-compact ZMX Series to their venue-ready Live Series, Alto's industry-standard mixers offer consistently high performance in combination with an impressive range of innovative and expansive features.

Matched with a pair of their PA Speakers, such as the TX3 Series, TS3 Series or TX2 Series - Each varying model is renowned for it's pristine sound and extensive dynamic control, allowing you to always mix with confidence.


  • Who are Alto Professional?

    Established in 2000, Alto Professional has been manufacturing quality live sound reinforcement equipment. In 2010 Jack O'Donnell, president and owner of Numark Industries, acquired the company.
  • Are Alto Professional a good brand?

    Alto Professional has evolved into a recognized live sound reinforcement solutions brand, thanks to affordable prices, high-quality construction, innovative features and burgeoning international sales.