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DJ & Producer Equipment has changed a lot over the years, as the wide range on offer at PMT Online testifies: gone are the days when DJs only relied on a pair of turntables! Today, the modern DJ and producer will be computer-based and use a range of MIDI Controllers, DJ Effects, and more.

Brands such as Native Instruments, Ableton, and Pioneer keep pushing the boundaries of what a DJ / Producer can do - and you'll find all this gear for sale here at PMT!


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DJ Decks remain at the center of most DJ setups: CDJ Players and Turntables are still used, despite the increasing popularity of laptop-based DJ-ing!


The DJ Mixer is, in many ways, perhaps the most important piece of equipment for many DJs - after all, in theory, anyone can play a record... but skilled use of the mixer is what will make a DJ stand out, enabling the blending of two tracks together, cross-fading and more!


A good pair of Headphones is a DJ's best friend, and our selection of DJ Headphones has plenty of options in different price ranges. but if you're more of a producer, working on your tracks at home, then maybe you should look first into our selection of Studio Headphones. PMT sells a large variety of budget to top-end DJ headphones, though they may be budget they do not compromise on sound or build quality. Our best-selling budget studio headphones are the KRK KNS 6400 & KRK KNS 8400, at the top-end we have the Pioneer HDJ2000 MK2 and Shure SRH1540.


The computer-based DJ using DJ Software just as Traktor, will need a great, reliable DJ MIDI Controller - after all, it's what turns a laptop-based DJ into a "real" DJ, giving more control of what you're playing, enabling the DJ to actually perform!


The modern DJ / Producer don't just play records -they're also hands-on musicians creating tracks, and our Synthesizers section offers a range of some of the most popular gear in this area: Analogue SynthsDigital & Modelling SynthsDrum-Machines and Sequencers & Grooveboxes are all very useful and commonly used today.