DJ Headphones

A good set of trusty, reliable DJ Headphones are essential for producers and live performers to monitor their mix before it plays out to the world.

DJ Headphones will have a slightly different sound character when compared to Studio Headphones, and often emphasise certain frequencies to make Bass, Kicks and rhythmic parts of a track easier to identify, especially in loud club environments.


To the untrained eye, many would consider a set of high-quality DJ Headphones to be just normal headphones for everyday listening, but they are much more than that. Whether you’re listening to your favourite tunes at home or recording a new CD in the studio, DJ Headphones are worth investing in due to having immaculate clarity, meaning you can hear every little tone and pitch change in your music. PMT sell a large amount of DJ Headphones from budget products that don’t compromise on quality such as the KRK KNS 6400 DJ Headphones and the KRK KNS 8400 DJ Headphones, to the top end brands such as PioneerHDJ2000 or Pioneer SRM 7.

They are also designed for maximum comfort if being used for several hours by maximising padding and cushioning around the ear, you could wear a pair for hours without becoming uncomfortable. One notable difference is that DJ Headphones are significantly larger compared to normal everyday headphones, this is due to DJ Headphones needing large and powerful drivers that deliver the beat and raw bass that audiophiles crave.


Every serious DJ should have a fantastic pair of headphones and unlike Studio Headphones, DJ Headphones are often portable and can be folded into travel cases. There are things to look out for when choosing between home, studio and concert use. One of these is how durable the headphones are, how heavy they are, how much comfort they offer during prolonged use, whether they’re noise cancelling or not and a few other issues such as whether they have S-Logic or not. If you’re planning to use DJ Headphones for just home use then generally any comfy pair will do, but going out to the DJ booth for an entire night you will probably have to do some research.


Most DJ Headphones are designed to ensure they cancel out noise so you can clearly hear the music you are creating or listening to, they are especially helpful for loud environments such as bars or clubs. Another important factor to consider is whether the DJ Headphones you are interested in have a detachable power cord, as this means if your new headphones power cord breaks, you won’t have to buy new headphones which could be expensive.

Some DJ Headphones now come with a feature called S-Logic, which is a technology that limits the pressure released by having the headphones at high volumes, making them easier on your eardrums. The earpieces of DJ cans will be a 'closed back' design, which effectively cancels out sounds around you so you can focus on cueing up the next track.


A lot more DJs and producers are using 'In-Ear' monitoring systems, such as the Shure SE In-Ear Monitors, for immersive sound and amazing noise cancellation.

Don't forget to protect your hearing - we sell a range of EarPlugs and Custom In-Ear Solutions from brands such as ProGuardAlpine and Vic Firth.

At PMT Online we have a full selection of DJ Headphones and as with all of our products, if you order before 3pm you will receive your product the next day with our next day delivery service.