Stompboxes or effects pedals are usually small boxed units used to enhance or sculpt a sound within a guitar set up or within a signal chain.

FX pedals range from traditional sounds like distortion right through to weird & wonderful and this amount of choice enables musicians to endlessly build & customize their sound.

At PMT we have a massive selection of effects units from Boss, Electro-Harmonix, Wampler & Way Huge allowing you to build your very own pedalboard and give you your very own signature sound.


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  • Are pedal effects better than amp effects?

    Using pedals to achieve a certain sound enables users to capture the right tone at different volume levels, leaving you to craft a sound that's perfect for you with more versatility.
  • Do I need guitar pedals?

    Though some players can perform with just a good tone, stompboxes open up a world to vast dynamic creativity, allowing you to achieve sounds that aren't accessible by just plugging into your amp.