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Whether you’re a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, guitarist, busker or solo performer, loop pedals can help you create fully fleshed out tracks on your own, encourage you to jam out ideas and even help you create songs without the need for extra musicians. For these reasons, looper pedals are a mainstay of most guitarists' pedalboards.


Here at Professional Music Technology we have a huge amount of looper pedals in stock from the world's best brands including Fender, BOSS, Electro Harmonix, Digitech, Line 6, Landlord FX and more.


A loop pedal, loop station or looper pedal are effects pedals that allow you to record any line level instrument such as guitar, keyboard, or vocal tracks etc for a certain amount of time and 'repeat' it.

The pedal will then play these musical lines back to you and then allow you to overdub extra tracks over the top – it’s essentially a temporary recording studio that you activate with your feet. Good quality loop pedals and loop stations ensure that there are no unwanted sound drop outs or clicks when you activate or deactivate the pedal whilst allowing you to make changes on the fly and erase previous tracks. This ensures a clean transition between recordings and allows you to even use them as part of your live and studio set up.


You might need a loop pedal or loop station if you’re a musician who likes to write different guitar, keyboard or vocal parts on your own and you’d rather jam them out before you go into the studio and record them. This way you can try out different musical directions, lead lines and riffs without depending on another musician to back you up.

Furthermore, there’s no need to use recording programs or computers to loop tracks – the loop pedal can do it all for you! In addition, looper pedals make great partners for vocalists trying out melodies and beatboxers too!


There are a variety of different loop pedals and looper pedals out there that musicians of all levels rely on, particularly the likes of the Boss RC-1 and Boss RC-30 loop pedals which provide a huge amount of control over your loops in the highest quality.

We actually created a useful blog on some of the best loop pedals ever madewhich you can read here. For those on a budget, we also recommend the likes of the Blaxx looper mini pedal and Electro Harmonix Nano 360 Looper guitar pedal.

For those who need to control and instant recall of multiple loop tracks, we would highly recommend the Boss RC-505 Loop Station, Electro Harmonix 95000 Performance Loop Laboratory and Boss RC-300 loop station, all of which allow you to record multiple level line instruments and scroll through your recorded tracks via the footswitches.

Whether you’re new to the world of loop pedals or you need a new looper pedal to add to your collection, you’ll find a huge selection here at PMT online and in your local PMT store.


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  • How do loop pedals work?

    Loop pedals record audio that is fed into them - usually via an XLR or instrument cable - and then can instantly replay it when the switch is pressed.
  • Where should a loop pedal go in the chain?

    Usually loopers should be placed at the very end of your chain - this allows you to feed into it all of your other effects, and ensures that the playback is not modulated or altered by any other stompboxes either.
  • How do you use a loop pedal?

    Using a loop pedal will differ slightly between models, but generally you click once to record what you are playing and once more to play it back. From there you can repeat the process to add layers and different sounds to your loop.
  • Can I use a loop pedal with an acoustic guitar?

    Loop pedals can be used with electro-acoustic guitars in the same way that an electric guitar would be used. If your loop pedal can be used with a microphone then you could also use it to record acoustic guitar layers.
  • Which artists use loop pedals?

    Some well-known artists who use loop pedals inclue Robert Fripp, Ed O'Brien, Ed Sheeran, and Kurt Vile.