We take a look at the best guitar looper pedals for beginners and professional musicians as well the best loop pedals for guitarists, vocalists and DJ's. 

If you're trying to find the best guitar looper pedal - look no further as we've compiled the best loop pedals ranging from beginner options to professional level pedals. Whether you’re a guitarist, vocalist or DJ, loop pedals are a fantastic way to practice at home and perform live.

The loop pedal has become a tool with which artists such as Ed Sheeran, Jack Garratt and countless other musicians have come to rely on to get their “sound” literally looping phrases and building on them to create an entire performance on their own - it’s quite a spectacular sight to see one artist build an entire track’s worth of instrumentation with a loop pedal. Fortunately, with the right gear, it’s actually easier than you think.

There’s a huge amount of different loop pedals out there and all of which have their unique capabilities.

So, to help you figure out which one is right guitar looper pedal for you, we’re looking at the best loop pedals available ranging from the best loop pedals for beginners to those aimed more at the professionals or performing musicians.



Electro-Harmonix Nano 360 Looper Guitar Pedal

The good people at Electro Harmonix have consistently created easy to use guitar pedals that sound amazing.

This focus on producing no fuss pedals that sound great have seen the brand become an industry standard for a wide variety of effects and the Electro Harmonix Nano Looper represents the brands foray into the world of loop pedals.

In this small, budget friendly package you get 360 seconds of looping time (6 mins) which is more than enough to jam along to or build an entire song on your own.


Blaxx Looper Mini Pedal

Perhaps one of the easiest to use loop pedals ever created, the Blaxx Looper Mini is a powerful little stompbox that provides 10 minutes of loop time and unlimited looping capabilities.

It’s totally user-friendly thanks to the fact it features a single control knob for adjusting playback volume and the single stomp switch allows you to start/stop recording, delete and play loops.

It’s true bypass, has a handy LED indicator to tell you when you’re recording and even includes a mini USB cable so you can upload loops to your DAW, edit them and throw them back on the pedal.

The possibilities with this tiny looper pedal are endless. Don’t let the low price tag fool you, the Blaxx Looper Mini is ideal for everyone from beginners to professionals and is one of the best guitar looper pedals on the market today.


Boss RC-5 Loop Station Pedal

We can’t have a blog discussing the best loop pedals without including the BOSS RC-5 Loop Station.

This industry-standard looper pedal is widely regarded as one of the best ever created thanks to its robust construction, massive internal memory and sheer amount of recording time on offer.

In this little pedal, you have 13 hours of stereo recording time as well as 99 on-board memories for storing all of your loops, which ensures you have enough space to record long phrases and even entire backing tracks without having to worry about running out of memory.

Mooer MML1 Micro Looper Pedal

Mooer MML1 Micro Looper Pedal

If you're looking for a reliable and budget-friendly looper pedal then we'd recommend the Mooer MML1 Micro Looper Pedal.

We love this option as it's accessible to players of all levels due to its ease of use and price-point. It also provides unlimited overdubs and a solid 30 minutes recording time, this should be more than enough for any player to craft and hone a layered and looped track.

Don't be deceived by the affordability here, these are rugged pedals that are housed in a metal chassis, meaning it's well protected to endure a rigorous touring regime.

This is one of the best looper pedals for those with smaller pedalboards as it's around the size of a fun-size chocolate bar - sweet! 



MXR Clone Looper Pedal

The MXR M303 is a great industry-standard looper pedal and it's actually remarkably affordable for the quality on offer. The MXR has been designed for paramount sound quality and is a great way to bring your performance to life.

These pedals are suited to professionals but they're also ideal for a number of players, even if you're new to guitar and looking to experiment with your sound.

The MXR M303 has a handy LED light which shows you when the overdub looper is active - this will help you keep your overdubs and sequencing tight. That being said, it's super easy to stop loops in and instant. This isn't just an average looper - it also allows you to switch things up a bit and play with the speed of the loop itself.

Boss RC300 Loop Station Guitar Pedal

Boss RC300 Loop Station Guitar Pedal

The Boss RC300 Loop Station Guitar Pedal has easily earned its place in the halls of best loop pedals of all time thanks to its huge range of looping capabilities and ease of use.

This intuitive pedal has been designed to work with guitar, vocals and keyboards to provide musicians with a complete looper that they can rely on in the studio and in the live arena.

When you want to experiment with using a vocal and guitar loop at the same time, this is the pedal you need.

You can easily track guitar or bass lines and add vocals on a separate channel to create an entire backing track. On top of that you have up to 3 hours of stereo recording time as well as 99 on-board memory phrases to store all of your loops on as well as independent volume faders for each track.

You even have 16 really handy effects such as delay and phaser to either of the tracks. If you’re a busker or solo artist, this is a fantastic option.


Boss RC-10R

This BOSS RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station has all the makings of your new best friend when it comes to crafting and looping your music. This next-generation loop station brings together song-based looping along with natural rhythms.

Sometimes as an artist it's vital to be impulsive, off the cuff and spontaneous, this pedal will enable you to capture these flourishes of inspiration when they strike - catering for full tracks, sections, intros or outros.

This intuitive pedal is all you need to embrace the power and playfulness of looping with ease of use and a staggering 280 preset rhythm styles. Boasting a maximum recording time of 6 hours - this provide great scope for creativity. It's also a lot smaller than most of the looping pedals out there, but WAY more powerful than most, too. 


HeadRush LooperBoard Looper Pedal

If you've already experimented with looping and you're serious about this effect - then the HeadRush Looperboard is seriously worthy of your attention.

This piece of equipment offers up professional level loop control, a customisable workflow plus a staggering 8 hours plus of recording time.

As well as this, it enables you to record directly to a USB drive which is incredibly handy if you're in the studio as well as playing live.

Although this is an intricate looper pedal packed with effects and features - it's still robust and sturdy enough to last the road.

That's because it was designed with a focus on live use - it's an easy interface that you'll be able to navigate even on the most darkened of stages.



Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer

If you're a vocalist looking to pick up a professional level looping station then look no further than the Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer.

This station offers up an incredible range of effects along with vocal tuning and harmonic processing - all in one robust, reliable unit.

Musicians of all levels will find this pedal super easy to use, this is due to how easy this interface is to navigate and control, allowing you to combine chorus, ambient effects, harmony and loops together.

With inputs for Microphone, Guitar, Line Level and Auxillary - you can control the pitch and harmonic tuning effects with ease. You'll soon be wondering how you did without this robust all-in-one effect solution.


Boss RC-202 Loop Station

If you’re a singer, vocalist or DJ, the BOSS RC-202 Loop Station is a great option for those who need an easy to use, yet powerful loop pedal for studio and live shows.

This hand operated loop station has been designed specifically for beatboxers, singers, keyboard players and DJ’s looking for a simple multi-effects unit with looping capabilities.

You can make great use of the 64 phrase memories (8 memories x 8 banks) as well as the custom effects on offer and really sculpt your sound using the 17 onboard rhythm patterns.

Build entire tracks from loops and add individual effects to each track to create an entire performance on the fly.

You can even expand the Boss RC202 with optional expression pedals, a footswitch or MIDI devices which will allow you to trigger samples or sequencers on the fly.

A complete loop pedal for live performers. If you love the sound of layered guitar lines, harmonies and percussion sounds, and want to create your own tracks without any other musicians, then the loop pedal will be ideal for you.

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