Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering is a Swedish electronics company that supplies a number of pocket-sized synthesizers that allow musicians to create and sample electronic music.

A Simplistic Approach to Music Making

PMT is proud to stock these amazing micro synths. There's a reason why our staff and customers love them - they're extremely fun and intuitive to operate. But don't let their size fool you - these synths pack an astonishing amount of sonic potential into a tiny footprint.

Teenage Engineering OP-1

The Teenage Engineering OP-1 is by far one of the most popular mini synths we've ever sold at PMT! Highly regarded as one of the most fun portable synths money can buy, the OP-1 is great for jamming, sampling and making music on the move. Check it out here.

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators

Known as pocket operators, TE have managed to squeeze a ton of sounds into calculator sized packages and are available as a synth, a bass synth and drum machine. These tiny machines sound great on their own but can be combined together for endless creative possibilities.

In 2019, Teenage Engineering announced a Special Edition Rick & Morty Pocket Operator. For fans of the show, this is a highly collectable and versatile mini synth that makes sonic creation fun and rewarding.