Yamaha Acoustic Drums

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Yamaha Acoustic Drum Kits

Kicking things off way back in 1967, Yamaha produced their first drum kits in the form of the Yamaha D20 and D30 models using their innovative Air Seal System Technique which is still used today.

A History of Yamaha Drums

1976 saw the introduction of the System Drum Concept which brought about a unification of drum mounting hardware, allowing all drums and hardware from any series to be mixed and combined to suit the needs of the drummer. It was during this year that Yamaha introduced the innovative hide-away boom stand; an industry first that is still the main feature of hardware lines of all brands today.

Yamaha Live Custom Drums

Building upon the Oak Custom series, Yamaha introduced the Live Custom series in 2013. Consisting of shells of 1.2mm Oak, the drums of this kit were 10% thicker than those used on the Oak Custom series. The result was a drum kit with greater strength and depth with a rich, expressive power ideal for live performance.

Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple Drums

The Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple appeared in 2014, utilising the hybrid shell technology found on the Yamaha PHX range. Constructed using Wenge wood sandwiched between Maple, this kit delivered a superbly clear tone and a full dynamic range.

Yamaha Recording Custom Drums

Revisiting and reinventing a past classic, Yamaha released the new Recording Custom in 2016. Working with the drumming legend Steve Gadd, the Yamaha Recording Custom features new design elements, a refined focused and an enhanced more rounded, deeper tone. The result is a drum kit that’s easy to use and easy to tune to provide an amazingly versatile sound, suitable for all styles and playing situations.

Why shop Yamaha Acoustic Drums at PMT?

As an authorised Yamaha dealer, you're sure to get a great buying experience with PMT. Speak to our dedicated Drum Experts and Trained Yamaha Sales Staff in-store to find the right configuration for you. We also stock a massive selection of Yamaha Drum hardware to accompany their kits. These include Snare and Cymbal Stands, Kick Pedals, Triggers, Clamps and more.


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