Yamaha Live Custom Hybrod Oak Rock Shell Pack in Ice Sunburst
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Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak 4 Piece Rock Shell Pack in Ice Sunburst

by Yamaha
The Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak 4 Piece Rock Shell Pack in Ice Sunburst delivers articulate cut, powerful tone and stunning looks thanks t..

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The Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak 4 Piece Rock Shell Pack in Ice Sunburst delivers articulate cut, powerful tone and stunning looks thanks to its oak/phenolic shells, bass enhancement weight system and Uzukuri finishing process.

Cut and Power For Live Performance

Featuring shells constructed from a special 7 ply hybrid of oak and phenolic, the Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak kit deliver accentuated attack and projection.

Providing the cut needed to pierce through in live situations, this Yamaha kit also delivers the punch and power required to make an impact.

In addition to the powerful tom sound, the kit also features a bass enhancement weight system to ensure a kick sound filled with tight focus.

The stunning finish of this shell pack is achieved through the use of a traditional Japanese UZUKURI process that perfectly emphasises the natural beauty of the Oak grain.

Delivering the level of beautiful tone we’ve come to expect from Yamaha, the Live Custom Hybrid Oak is  a superb kit in both style and sound.

Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak 4 Piece Shell Pack Configuration:

  • 10” x 7” Rack Tom
  • 12” x 8” Rack Tom
  • 16” x 15” Floor Tom
  • 22” x 18” Bass Drum

Beautiful Ice Blue

Featuring a striking flash of popping blue colour around the centre, these drum shells are framed with black bands at the edges and are interweaved with stunning black grain to provide a striking professional aesthetic.

This stunning appearance is achieved through the use of a traditional Japanese finishing process named Uzukuri.

This unique process starts with the sanding of the soft areas of the wood grain before the whole shell is coated with a thin layer of black paint.

Once the black paint has infiltrated the grain of the wood, the shells are re-sanded to remove the excess paint before a final coating is applied.

Brilliantly accentuating the natural beauty of the oak grain, this beautiful process produces a drum kit with a striking aesthetic.

Hybrid Shells

Inspired by the hybrid shells of the flagship Yamaha PHX and Absolute Hybrid Maple kits, the Live Custom Hybrid features a 7-ply shell consisting of dense phenolic acrylic sheets sandwiched between plies of oak.

The blend of the two materials serves to produce a drum sound with an enhanced dynamic range able to produce the attack and projection required for live performance.

Characterised by its soft high end, robust mid-range and warm low-end response, Oak delivers a sound filled with big punch and quick decay.

All of the shells are finished with 45 degree bearing edges which further help the cutting attack and articulation of the stunning oak hybrid drums.

The combination of oak, phenolic and 45-degree edges works to deliver a kit sound packed with power and articulation to ensure you have ultimate impact on stage.

Dyna Hoops and Remo Heads

Each of the toms in the Yamaha Hybrid Oak Rock drum kit are fitted with 2.3mm Dyna Hoops and Remo drumheads.

The thick steel of the Dyna Hoops provides a tighter sound and sharper response from the drums, ideal for live performance.

The toms are fitted with Remo Clear Emperor batter heads and Remo Ambassador resonant heads to deliver deep sound and superb durability, while the bass drum features a Remo P3 Ebony bass batter head and logo printed resonant head.


An upgraded version of the popular YESS II tom mount, this new version further aids the natural resonance of the toms.

Rather than drilling into the tom shells which drastically impedes the drums resonance, the YES III mount system attaches to the tom via the hardware to avoid contact with the shell.

As a result, the shell is allowed to vibrate more freely which helps to bring out more of the shell’s natural sustain and volume, ensuring a substantial, tone-filled tom sound.

The Yamaha Hybrid Oak drum kit also comes complete with the Yamaha TH945B tom holder to provide convenient and secure mounting of the rack toms from the bass drum. 

Floor Tom Brackets

The 16” x 15” floor tom of this Yamaha Live Custom kit is fitted with compact tom brackets which feature wing bolts specifically designed to clamp the floor tom legs tightly without causing damage.

Delivering a hold you can rely on, these floor tom brackets have been created to help save time on stage and to deliver optimum decay control to ensure your floor tom sings with robust sustain.

Dark Silver Hardware

All the shells of this Yamaha drum kit are adorned with dark silver hardware which perfectly complements the deep, black grain of the shell finish.

The interior of the shells is also finished in black to further tie together the whole aesthetic of this beautiful drumkit.

All drums in the kit are fitted with Yamaha’s exclusive Absolute Lugs to add a sleek and streamlined touch of sophistication to the shell appearance.

Bass Enhancement Weight System

The bass drum of the Yamaha Live Custom Oak kit is fitted with unique bass enhancement weights which have been specifically designed to ensure a punchy focused tone.

Featuring a design styled on the Yamaha Absolute Lugs these weights are studded into the interior of the bass drum at the lug points and work to attenuate low to mid frequencies.

The result is a kick drum that produces a wonderfully tight and well-focused sound to deliver powerful projection and impact on stage.

Die-Cast Bass Drum Hooks

The 22” bass drum of this Yamaha kit is fitted with die-cast hooks which have been designed to deliver noise free function through the use of insertion plates.

Providing a strong, secure and reliable hold of the bass drum hoop to ensure your kick drum stays in tune, the die-cast hooks are fitted with insertion plates to protect the hoop against the hooks as well as ensuring noise isolation between the hook and hoop.

The result is stable bass drum tuning, a protected bass drum hoop and noise free playing.


Offering sophisticated style and stunning sound, the Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak Rock kit is a high-end kit in every sense.

The blend of Oak and Phenolic works to ensure a drum kit filled with power and articulation to ensure you make an impact on stage.

The use of the traditional Uzukuri finishing process provides a kit with a stunning aesthetic filled with emphasised grain detailing and a flash of rich blue colour. 

Finished off with the sound aiding YESS mounting system, dark silver hardware and Remo heads, this Yamaha drum kit is the ideal way to add some cutting attack and powerful punch to your playing.

For tone tailored to live performance and sophisticated stage grabbing style, buy the Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak Rock Shell Pack now from PMT Online!

Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak 4 Piece Rock Shell Pack Specifications:

  • Oak / Phenolic Hybrid Shell 
  • 7ply / 7.3mm Toms
  • 7 ply / 8.8mm Bass Drum
  • Wood Bass Drum Hoop
  • Absolute Lugs in Dark Silver Finish
  • 45 Degree Bearing Edges
  • Remo Clear Emperor Batter Tom Heads
  • Remo Clear Ambassador Resonant Tom Heads
  • Remo P3 Ebony Bass Batter Head
  • YESS III System Tom Mount



Weight (kg)15.0000
Hardware / Cymbalscymbals and hardware not included
Finishice sunburst
Bass Drum Size22" x 18"
Floor Tom Size16" x 15"
Rack Tom Size10" x 7", 12" x 8"
Shell Count4 piece kit
Shell Materialoak
Snare Sizesnare not included

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