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Founded in 1976 by David Schecter as a replacement guitar parts producer, Schecter has slowly established themselves as a go-to brand for quality mid-range guitars and instruments.

Schecter is continually evolving and expanding their line of guitars and basses, to appeal to a broad spectrum of players and diverse musical styles. However, it's fair to say that it was with the hard-rocking crowd that Schecter found its most perfect niche: their models aimed at the heavy players perfectly blend classic features with innovative designs, always coupled with powerful pickups and offering high-quality instruments with professional components at an affordable price.

Antique Fade Burst


Are you a professional guitar player seeking a brand new axe, with a fast-playing neck, incredible tone, and awesome looks? Then check out this Schecter C-1 FR SLS Elite Electric Guitar with its Antique Fade Burst finish - it ticks all of those boxes and more!