Keyboards for Beginners

Keyboards For Beginners

What Should I Look For?

Weighted Keys - These reproduce the feel of traditional piano keys and help beginners to build finger strength and work on technique

Touch Sensitivity - Keys with touch sensitivity vary note volume based on how hard they are pressed, helping beginners to develop expressive skills

Number of Tones/Sounds - Some keyboards have more than one sound - in addition to piano, they may offer organs, strings, vibraphone etc.

Headphone Compatibility - Keyboards that are compatible with headphones allow for silent practicing

USB Connectivity - These instruments can be used alongside phones/computers/tablets and connected to compositional tools or learning applications

Battery-Powered - For beginners who need to learn on the move, look for a battery-powered option

What About MIDI Keyboards?

MIDI Keyboards are designed to be used with software instruments in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as Pro Tools or Studio One. They are production tools and may be suitable for beginners who are interested in producing their own music. They will not make any sound on their own, but can be a great instrument for anyone who has access to suitable production software and instruments.

What Else Do I Need?

Beginner keyboard players will benefit from some other tools and accessories to aid in their development as a musician. For a full range of accessories including Stools, Stands, Cases, and Pedals, click here.

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