Tourtech Electronic Drums

While TOURTECH are perhaps better known for their offering of music accessories, they have recently started producing a range of high quality Electronic Drum Kits.

Tourtech Electric Drum Kits offer unrivalled value and performance, designed for any level of player. They are able to provide a high quality kick-ass sound that experienced drummers are used to, while still being easy enough to set up and play for new players. Don’t worry too much about the size either, with most kits taking up a lot less space then you would imagine.

Their LCD display and user interface allows you to access a wide range of effects and hundreds of pre-sets for you to indulge in all your drummer dreams! In addition, their electronic drums include USB, MP3 and MIDI PC connectivity - giving you the flexibility you need to play a wide range of your favorite songs on your digital drum kit. 

Starting at a wallet-friendly price point, these Electronic Drums are perfect for beginner percussionists, and offer best-in-class response, playability and ease of setup. You will be hard-pressed to find better value at this price range.

Below you can browse our range of TOURTECH electronic drum kits and drum kit bundles.


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  • Are TOURTECH drums any good?

    TOURTECH creates quality electronic drums that are versatile and highly-playable. They use cutting-edge drum tech and have modern connectivity for players of all levels. Beginners and pros alike will love them!
  • Do I need headphones to use TOURTECH drums?

    TOURTECH electronic drum kits can be used with headphones or an external speaker such as a drum monitor. Check out the bundle deals for the easiest way to get started with your TOURTECH kit.
  • Do TOURTECH drums have mesh heads?

    Some TOURTECH models, such as the TT-22M, come with mesh drum heads. These heads are renowned for offering the most realistic recreation of acoustic drums. These TOURTECH models have amazing feel and stick response.
  • What devices can you connect to TOURTECH drums?

    TOURTECH drums have USB, MIDI IN/OUT, and AUX connectivity. This means you can jam along to your favourite songs and easily hook your kit up to software on your PC or laptop.