Kick Pedals

Most Electronic or Acoustic drum kits will come with a kick pedal or other hardware out the box, so it allows the user to customise the feel and response of their kit when it comes to pedal action.

We sell a wide range of single or double chain pedals, with long and short footplates, and double pedals for intense metal drumming styles!

Speak to your local PMT Drum Store for more information and expertise on the right pedal for you or order online for next day delivery.


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  • Why are kick pedals so expensive?

    Some kick pedals cost more than others simply due to the high-quality materials, components, and craftmanship that goes into creating them. Investing in a solid kick pedal should set you up for many years.
  • How do double kick pedals work?

    Double kick pedals work in much the same way as a regular kick pedal, except that the second pedal is attached to another beater. This allows for patterns and rhythms that would be impossible with a single kick, as both feet are used to control the pedal.