Tama Dyna Sync Double Bass Drum Pedal
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Tama Dyna-Sync Double Bass Drum Pedal

by Tama
The Tama Dyna-Sync Double Bass Drum Pedal features an array of innovative design elements to deliver the optimum in feel, speed and power. ..

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The Tama Dyna-Sync Double Bass Drum Pedal features an array of innovative design elements to deliver the optimum in feel, speed and power.

Double Dyna-Sync Pedal

The Tama Dyna Sync Bass Drum pedal was the recipient of the best in show add-on or accessory at NAMM 2019.

The direct drive pedal is built around Tama's Dynamic Synchronisation system which consists of an optimised transmission design, dual linkage and a slidable cam.

These three elements combined provide the Dyna-Sync pedal with exceptional speed, power and feel.

Tama Dyna-Sync Double Bass Drum Pedal Specifications:

  • Optimised Transmission Design
  • Dual Linkage
  • Slidable Cam
  • Footboard Angle Adjustment
  • Sync-Coil
  • Dyna Beater
  • Hinge Guard Block
  • Swivel Spring Tight
  • Speedo-Ring
  • Para-Clamp II Pro
  • Oiles Bearing Hinge

Optimised Transmission Design

One of the three pillars of Tama's Dynamic Synchronisation System, the optimised transmission design consists of the precise positioning and alignment of the contact points and transmission angles between the cam, direct link and footboard.

This specifically designed direct drive action works to deliver a double bass drum pedal with a smooth feel to enable precise power and seamless speed.

Dual Linkage

Featuring a sturdy double link cam connection system, the Tama Dyna-Sync double pedal is able to convert the rotational motion force from the footboard to the cam by holding the rotation axis bearings equally from both sides.

In plain English what this means is, the direct drive rod that links the footboard to the cam is connected to the cam on both sides to provide a strong, secure and even hold.

The result is a double kick pedal that provides an almost perfect energy transfer from the footboard to the cam because the connection is so solid.

What this means for you is a Tama double pedal that delivers phenomenal reaction, speed and power.

Slidable Cam

The final element of the Dynamic Synchronisation System is the slidable cam which features an upper section that is able to slide back and forth in a fluid inchœnon-step inch motion to enable you to adjust the cam turning radius to achieve your preferred feel.

Setting a larger turning radius results in a more linear motion between the footboard and the beater which promotes a higher range of sensitivity for more nuanced playing.

However, setting the cam to a smaller radius results in a more dynamic, non-linear movement which is ideal for increased power.

The slidable cams of the Tama direct drive dyna-sync pedal provide drummers with a quick and easy way to tailor the feel of the double pedal to meet their needs, no matter how diverse.


The Tama Dyna Sync double pedal is fitted with Tama's new Sync-Coil steel springs which have a 1.5x heavier gauge than the Cobra Coil.

These springs sit under the footboards and assist in returning the footboard to its original position to provide an element of speed and quickness to the pedal playing feel.

The sync-coils can also be slid on the pedal bass plates allowing you to set the rate that the pedalboards return to their initial positions.

Hinge Guard Block

Tama have changed the construction of the Dyna Sync pedals bearing hinges from 1 piece to 2 pieces.

This adaptation holds the bearings much more evenly which minimises stress and maximises smoothness to deliver a bass drum pedal with improved seamless power.

Footboard Angle Adjustment

Further adding to the customisable feel of this bass drum pedal, Tama have created a completely new and unique footboard angle adjustment.

This footboard angle design integrates into the clam-shaped connection point between the footboard and the direct drive linkage and is fully adjustable to provide a totally personalised pedal setup.

This means you can tailor make the footboard angle to ensure you always achieve your most comfortable playing position.

Dyna Beater

The Tama Dyna Sync double pedal comes fitted with black felt dyna beaters which feature a slightly tapered shape to deliver even contact with the drumhead surface.

The combination of the traditional felt style and the tapered shape works to provide a bass drum beater with clear, dynamic articulation.

Swivel Spring Tight

While most bass drum pedal springs are held at the bottom and pulled from the top, the Dyna Sync is a little different.

This style can result in the spring being twisted and pulled at an angle which not only wastes energy transfer but also reduced smoothness.

Therefore, the patented design of the swivel spring tight found on the Dyna Sync utilises a contoured assembly which allows the base to swivel freely with the spring.

This ensures the spring remains straight when pulled result in increased smoothness and what Tama believes to be the lightest action ever found on a bass drum pedal.

Oiles Bearing Hinge

The Tama Dyna Sync double pedal is fitted with a patented Oiles Bearing hinges.

Oiles bearings are used within the aerospace industry because of their superior durability.

Here they work to ensure much less friction than standard ball bearings by eliminating side to side motion which serves to provide a much smoother feel. 


In the creation of their Dyna Sync twin pedal, Tama have replaced the traditional nylon rocker with their speedo-ring rocker cam which features built in ball bearings to reduce friction and aid a smoother playing feel.

Meanwhile, the quick hook not only enables easy set up and pack down, it also creates a conveniently compact pedal size allowing you to place the dyna sync in your pedal case without taking the beater off.

Para-Clamp II Pro

The para-clamp 2 pro is a patented feature capable of gripping the widest range of bass drum hoops.

It has a three-dimensional rubber grip that allows it to achieve a secure hold on any bass drum hoop and it also eliminates the possibility of scratching your hoop too.

Furthermore, the T-bolt of the para clamp is positioned on the side of the footboard, rather than underneath it, which allows you to quickly and easily tighten and untighten the bass drum pedal from the hoop without even leaving your drum stool.


Jam packed with unbelievable attention to detail, the Dyna Sync pedal features a wide range of innovative design elements and customisable settings to deliver the optimum speed, power and feel.

For award winning design, customisable functionality and unparalleled feel, buy the Tama Dyna Sync Double Bass Drum Pedal now from Professional Music Technology Online!


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