Marshall amplifiers, a legend in sound, epitomize rock 'n' roll power. With a storied history since the '60s, Marshall amps are revered for their iconic crunch and iconic stage presence. Crafted for maximum impact, they fuse classic aesthetics with modern versatility, earning favor among musicians of all genres.

Celebrated for their robust build and signature roar, Marshall amplifiers endure as stage and studio essentials worldwide. Elevate your sound with a Marshall amplifier – an emblem of innovation and sonic excellence that continues to define the essence of amplified music.


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  • What tubes do Marshall amps use?

    Marshall amps use a wide range of different tubes. Check each model to see what tubes are recommended for it.
  • Do Marshall amps go to 11?

    Marshall amps going 'up to 11' is a popular reference to the film This is Spinal Tap. In reality, most Marshall amps are numbered 1-10 on the volume knob.
  • Who uses Marshall amps?

    Marshall amps have found favour with a range of guitar icons such as Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Angus Young, and Graham Coxon.
  • Where are Marshall amps made?

    Marshall first started producing amplifiers in the United Kingdom. Many amps are still made there today, however some entry-level and beginner models are manufactured in China and elsewhere in the world.
  • Are Marshall amps good for metal?

    Marshall amps can be used to achieve a great metal tone. Slayer and Iron Maiden have relied on Marshall set-ups in order to achieve their sound.