Marshall Combo Amps

Raw British “crunch”. Marshall is one of the most revered and famous guitar amplifier brands in the world and has remained an iconic mainstay for decades. Known for their emblematic searing tones, surprising portability and versatility. The Marshall Combo Amplifiers are loud and we are proud to stock them here, at PMT Online.


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Marshall MG30GFX Guitar combo amp

This amp is a fantastic option for the home, studio or even for gigs. It gives a fantastic range of guitar sounds, from gentle, subtle tones to more gutsy overdrive punch. This 10” speaker really has it all, without forgetting the tried and tested MG formula. Not to mention that this range is just as affordable as it is versatile!

Marshall SV20C

Giving the voice of classic rock in a new portable style, the SV20C brings back the amp that helped define Rock ‘n’ Roll in the 60’s for the modern day. This studio vintage amplifier manages to combine that fabled legacy with a guitar amp that is more portable than any of its predecessors.

Marshall MS-2 Micro Amp

Marshall Amplifications smallest, most compact amp to date. Allowing you to take their signature sound wherever you go. Its convenient headphone operation allows you to practice at any time, gifting its players with the ability to unleash their creativity whenever it strikes them. This amp manages to pack the full Marshall tone into a case measuring 14x11x6cm.