Mini Amps

Struggling to find a great tone at a home-friendly volume? Our selection of Mini Amps at PMT includes battery-powered rigs, portable set-ups, and even super-modern wireless Bluetooth headphones amplifier systems - so you can practice anytime, anywhere. Find a new Mini Amp from such iconic brands as Fender, Vox, Blackstar and more.


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Battery-Powered Mini Amplifiers

If you need to take your tone out on the road then a Battery-Powered Mini Amp will be your best bet. These amplifiers can be used without a traditional mains power supply, so they're extremely popular with buskers and those who need a portable rig for jamming out at unexpected opportunities! You can find more advice on the Best Mini Amps and the Best Amps under £50 on our Blog, where we discuss some of our favourites and regularly post all of the latest and greatest gear.

1-Watt to 5-Watt Amplifiers

Mini Amplifiers usually range between 1-5 watts, offering you a superb tone for writing sessions and impromptu jams. No matter if you're a complete beginner to music or you're a seasoned guitar veteran, having a low-wattage amplifier at your disposal is incredibly useful and allows you to be creative no matter the scenario.

Headphone Amplifiers

Designed for when you can't make any noise at all, these handy bits of innovation allow for a completely personal practice session without sacrificing the sound of your guitar. Perfect for jamming out late at night or in unusual environments, these amplifiers can allow you to flesh out your ideas when inspiration strikes at the wrong time.