Boss Waza-Air Headphones Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System
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Boss Waza-Air Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System

by Boss
The Boss Waza-Air headphones are far more than just a pair of headphones; these are the world's first truly personal amplification system an..

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The Boss Waza-Air headphones are far more than just a pair of headphones; these are the world's first truly personal amplification system and it's like nothing you've ever experienced before.

A Revolutionary New Guitar Experience

Combining incredible amp and effects tones with BOSS's breakthrough spatial technology, the Boss Waza-Air wireless guitar amp headphones take your guitar experience to a whole new world.

The Boss Waza-Air headphones use a gyro sensor and moving 3D space to create an amazingly realistic "amp-in-room" tone for a natural guitar playing experience anywhere, any time.

Boss Waza-Air Headphones Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System Key Features:

  • Over-Ear Guitar Headphones with Wireless Connectivity
  • Premium Amp and Effect Tones
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming and Sound Editing Via Your Phone
  • Advanced BOSS Spatial Technology and Integrated Gyro Sensor Deliver Amazing 3D Ambience and Dynamic Sound Localisation
  • Five Unique Amp Types from the Boss Katana Stage Amp Series
  • Includes Full-Range Voice for Bass and Electro-Acoustic Guitars
  • Access Over 50 Customisable Effects via the Boss Tone Studio App
  • Integrated Boss Wireless Technology for Exceptional Sound Quality and Ultra-Low Latency
  • Easy-to-Use Controls for Guitar VBolume and Bluetooth Audio Playback
  • Built-In Rechargeable Batteries
  • Includes Wireless WL-T Transmitter
  • Wirelessly Edit, Organise and Download Tones with Boss Tone Studio App (iOS and Android)
  • Unique Onboard Tuner Function with Audible Tones

Waza Evolution and Innovation

Following the incredible Boss Waza tradition, the Boss Waza-Air headphones combine decades of guitar tech experience and incredible innovation.

As a result, the Waza-Air guitar amp headphones give you a guitar playing experience like you've never experienced before.

Get amazing, full amp tone with incredible realism, high-quality effects and all completely wireless for the ultimate in guitar playing freedom.

Amazingly Realistic "Amp-In-Room" Tone

For many guitarists, playing guitar through headphones is a necessity. Maybe you live in a flat, share your house, don't want to annoy the neighbours.

Whatever it is for you; there are many reasons playing through an actual amp if just not a viable choice a lot of the time. Unfortunately, playing through standard headphones doesn't come close to the experience you get from a real guitar amp.

That's where the Boss Waza-Air headphones come in.

The special design of these wireless guitar amp headphones restore the realistic dimension and resonance along with the natural "moving air" feel you get from a real amp but not from normal headphones.

Even better, the Waza-Air personal guitar amplification system features an integrated gyro sensor. This sensor tracks your head movement as you play, and using sophisticated 3D algorithms, the headphones give you amazing spatial realism.

You really have to hear it to understand how amazing this is.

Premium Amp Tones and Effects

Boss Waza-Air features many tones and controls that are taken from the acclaimed stage-class Katana amplifiers.

Using the free BOSS Tone Studio app, you can fully customise your tones too, really getting the exact sound you want.

You get five different amp types to choose from giving you tones from classic clean to high gain. There's also a full-range voice that's ideal for bass and electro-acoustic guitars.

There are also 50 effect types available to you including mod, delay and reverb effects that have all been optimised to take full advantage of Boss Waza-Air's unique spatial experience.

You can even store your favourite settings for instant recall with dedicated buttons using the six onboard memory slots.

Complete Wireless Freedom

100% wireless audio connectivity, the Waza-Air guitar amp headphones give you an amazing, hassle-free guitar playing experience.

You won't be tethered to an amp or get tangled in headphone wires. You play out and about or cuddled up in bed - the choice is yours.

Just plug the included Boss WL-T wireless transmitter into your guitar, get the Waza-Air headphones on and enjoy premium sound quality with ultra-low latency.

You can even stream music wirelessly from your Bluetooth enabled devices straight to the Waza-Air headphones. This is great for jamming to your favourite songs, learning parts or playing along with backing tracks - all completely wirelessly.

Furthermore, the Waza-Air headphones have controls allowing you to control song volume and playback right from the headphones themselves without having to even touch your mobile device.

How's that for convenient?

Great Sound, Comfortable Fit and Reliable Build

The Boss Waza-Air features custom-designed 50mm drivers which make for fantastic guitar tones and playback of your music.

These headphones also feature conforming earpads a wide headband ensuring incredible comfort even over longer playing sessions.

Of course, being a Boss product, the Boss Waza-Air headphones boast high-quality construction so you know you're getting highly reliable, long-lasting durability.

For added convenience, the Waza-Air headphones fold down to an extremely compact size making them easy to store and transport. The earpieces can even swivel so the Waza-Airs can be made flat for more easy-fit options.

Buy the Boss Waza-Air wireless guitar amp headphones for an amazing guitar playing experience like you've never known before.


Weight (kg)1.0000
Warranty2 years

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