Boss Wireless

BOSS Wireless Systems are the perfect solution for tone-purists who want to break free from cables and enjoy total freedom on stage. Recreate your favourite tones at home with the BOSS Waza-Air Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System or streamline your live rig with the BOSS WL-50 Wireless Pedalboard System.


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Own the Stage

BOSS products are renowned for their exquisite array of tonal capabilities. Their range includes superb guitar amps, iconic FX pedals, and the revolutionary free BOSS Tone Studio. With BOSS wireless systems effortless plug-in-and-play configuration you can now take your favourite BOSS tones straight from the recording studio to the stage without being bound by cables - and with a docking port for charging or an optional power supply, the hassle usually associated with wireless systems is avoided.

Ultra-Fast Speed

All BOSS wireless guitar systems offer a class-leading low latency level of just 2.3ms and automatic frequency sensing across 14 channels which assigns your rig to the best frequency band in any given room. This cutting-edge technology ensures that no matter how complex your guitar pedal arrangement or amp setup is, you’ll always find the best sound for your audience. The BOSS WL-20L Wireless Guitar System is designed especially for Low Impedance instruments too, so those with active pickups or onboard preamps can still enjoy wireless without the cable-tone simulation. Built-in rechargeable batteries provide up to 12 hours of continuous playing time and simple charging with a standard USB adaptor.