Blackstar amps are an innovative producer of Guitar Amps, Cabinets and Pedals, based in Northampton, UK.

Blackstar specialise in both solid-state and valve amps for Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitars.


Sleek Style and Great Sound

Starting out in 2004 from a garden shed and growing to a full factory in Northampton in a few short years, Blackstar has become a worldwide name in guitar amplification appearing on high profile stages and festivals around the world. Thanks to their undeniably lush sound, big signature distortion, glass-like cleans and steadfast reliability, Blackstar Amps are also a staple of professional studios and recording sessions worldwide.


Blackstar amps are consistently relied upon by some of the world’s biggest artists thanks to the incredible sounds available within these industry-standard amplifiers.

With hundreds of high profile users including James Dean Bradfield of the Manic Street Preachers and Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora, it says everything you need to know about the calibre of Blackstar's big valve stacks. Blackstar-endorsed artists also include Jared James Nichols, a famous user of the Artist 30 Combo. Blackstar have recently issued a Signature Amp Stack for Jared James Nichols with a classic British Racing Green Tolex cover!


The Blackstar FLY 3 is a versatile compact mini amp - one of the best-selling combos at PMT Stores! Combining two channels, a patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) and a 'tape' delay, it's the perfect take-anywhere amp or set of portable speakers when combined with the FLY 103 Extension Cab. If you just need a mini practice amp to sit on your computer desk or coffee table, the FLY 3 Series is a great choice.

A recent addition to the Fly lineup is the Bluetooth-enabled Blackstar Super Fly. The battery-powered SUPER FLY has separate microphone and instrument channels, plus Bluetooth connectivity, to deliver your performance with power and clarity in any location. You can also hook up the extension cabinet for more volume and stereo effects!


Blackstar's desktop-sied ID:Core V2 amps are small in size, but deliver a huge tone. ID:Core are the perfect amps for budding guitarists who want to play better - faster!


The Blackstar ID:TVP Amp series combine unique innovations with an intuitive, traditional control set. The 'TVP' series ID Amplifiers feature 'True Valve Power', consisting of six distinctly different power valve responses. This means that they're great for gigging when you need to crank it up without compromise to tone or clarity. True Valve Power means 'Loud as valve'!

The ID:15TVP is a great little combo that's versatile enough for the studio, home practice or small venue performance.


Check out the 10th Anniversary Blackstar Series One - this beast pays homage to the legendary Blackstar S1-200, powered by a mega KT88 preamp. A stunning amp at a great price, for a limited time only!


Blackstar’s Studio 10 line has been heavily influenced by some of the most popular and well-regarded classic amps. These high-end, affordable combos feature the characteristics of incredible guitar amps from the UK and USA. Studio 10 amps deliver great all-round performance with powerful, tube-driven tone.


If you've got the amp sorted and fancy adding valves to your effects chain then Blackstar LT pedals deliver classic flavours. Plus, their entry-level LT pedals offer an affordable way to get the Blackstar sound without the need for changing your amplifier.

Check out the Blackstar LT BoostDrive and Distortion pedals here!


Furthermore, the team at Blackstar amps have also catered to budding rock stars and the bedroom players who want the best sound possible. Whether you are a beginner to the guitar or a shredding veteran, Blackstar's Potential will offer a lesson to challenge you, and improve your playing style and technique.

So, whether you need a small practice amp for your bedroom, a solid-state amp for the smaller gigs or a complete valve amp with cabinet, the range of Blackstar Amps here at PMT is here for you.

Call into your local PMT store today to speak to our guitar and bass experts about the range of Blackstar amps we have in stock!


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