Acoustic Bass

Announce your arrival with the booming natural presence of an acoustic bass guitar, a vital instrument in the army of any bass player. An incredibly versatile type of guitar, the acoustic bass is great for layering in a mix or for live performance. Our selection at PMT features fretless variations and a variety of body construction types from a range of brands including Taylor, Washburn, Fender, and Ibanez.


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Whilst the acoustic bass is less common than its electric counterpart, this unique instrument is incredibly practical in a variety of scenarios. Whilst they might have an obvious function in certain genres where acoustic instrumentation is the norm, there are also musicians who have innovated their use across other styles of music. The Violent Femmes used acoustic instruments for garage and punk songs, whilst the famous MTV Unplugged session by Nirvana is a great example of how good they can sound in a stripped-back environment. Some acoustic bass guitars also have a pickup and can be played through an amplifier or a PA system in a live scenario - look out for electroacoustic bass guitars if that's what you need.


The fretless bass opens up a world of opportunity for those looking to experiment in the lowest frequencies. The ability to play micro-tones and the extra-responsive fretboard each lend a special voice to the fretless bass, and the increased playability is appreciated by many bass purists. Acoustic fretless bass guitars are especially useful as their smooth, gliding sound can be used to thicken up live or recorded mixes, and the lack of frets means you needn't worry about intonation - just finding the sweet spots on the neck.