Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Bluetooth wireless headphones offer a convenient and wire-free way to listen to your music, mix tracks and enjoy audio without you having to unravel tangled wires! Here at PMT Online, we stock a wide range of wireless headphones and Bluetooth headphones to suit all budgets, styles and sonic requirements.

We stock a complete collection of Bluetooth headphones from world class brands such as Marshall Amplification, Beyerdynamic, Numark and more. We also proudly stock the coveted V-MODA Crossfade Wireless headphones that are widely regarded as some of the best sounding and looking headphones available on the market today. In addition, we also have a large selection of Bluetooth Earphones including the V-MODA Forza wireless Bluetooth Earphones – perfect for those gym sessions and those who lead an active lifestyle – no pesky tangled up cords here!

Whether you need a set of over ear Bluetooth headphones for superior isolation whilst you lay down some tracks in the studio or mix your latest album on the move, or would like a set of in-ear Bluetooth earphones that will let you comfortably listen to music, watch your favourite tv show on the tube or smash a workout at the gym without having to worry about wires, there’s a set of wireless headphones here at PMT Online that will surely suit your needs and bespoke style.


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