Founded in 1972 the DW or Drum Workshop group began as a music school. It wasn't long before DW Drums went from teaching students how to play to teaching the industry how drum equipment should be built.


Though a relative newcomer to the world of drums compared to other drum brands, Drum Workshop has made a big impact in a short number of years.

Their mission statement says that they were founded to supply drummers with percussion products made of the highest quality design, material and craftsmanship. They’ve certainly done that and continue to raise the bar of innovative design.

Though they offer a wide range of hand-built high-quality custom drum kits, it’s within the world of hardware that DW began and where they have continued to shine.

It all began in 1977 when Drum Workshop bought the tooling from Camco Drum Co to create the 5000 pedal.

Initially a nylon strap drum pedal, the 5000 quickly became a success and was the forerunner to the unbelievably popular 1980 chain-driven DW 5000 bass drum pedal used today.

In 1983, Drum Workshop was the first brand to create a double bass drum pedal which changed the drum world forever.

Providing drummers with the ability to use both feet to play new and intricate patterns on the bass drum, it's no surprise double bass pedals are now the main feature of hardware ranges across drum brands.

Drum Workshop then released their innovative remote cable hi-hat in 1985; another hardware first, before unveiling their complete line of 9000 series hardware in 1991.

1995 then saw the introduction of various patented innovations including the Delta Ball-Bearing Hinge, Edge Snare Drum and True Pitch Tension Rods.

A big leap forward in their drum kit manufacture came in 1997 when the DW Custom Shop was created and began making DW’s proprietary maple drum shells.

In 1999, Drum Workshop released the unique patented design of the Dog Bone Clamp; a nifty hardware arm designed to make adding extra toms and cymbals to your kit much easier.

The year 2000 saw the launch of DW’s subsidiary brand; Pacific Drums and Percussion.

Aimed at the entry to mid-level market, Pacific delivers high-quality machine-made drums in order to keep costs down. This enabled drummers of lower ability or with smaller budgets to gain great sounding, top quality cymbals at an accessible price.


The DW 9000 Single Pedal and DW 9000 Double Pedal were released in 2003 and quickly became an industry standard.

Delivering superb speed, power and precision these pedals took the drum industry by storm.

Featuring innovative design features like the EZ adjust cam, floating rotor and swivel spring, tri-pivot toe clamp, non-slip rubber grip base plate and ball bearing hinge these pedals set a new standard in bass drum pedal design.

Used by world-renowned professional drummers through to amateur hobbyists, these pedals have opened up a new playing feel to a range of drummers helping them to successfully improve their playing.

Drum Workshop’s story continued with the introduction of the Classic Series which were added to the Custom Shop in 2005. The DW Jazz series followed in 2007, which was the first custom jazz set in history.

DW Drums then unveiled their revolutionary X Shell Technology in 2008.

In 2009 Dave Grohl joined the DW family, securing his position alongside a wide range of industry professionals including Travis Barker, Abe Laboriel Jr, Vinnie Colaiuta, Gary Novak, Carter Beauford, Tommy Lee, Terry Bozzio, Neil Peart and Marco Minnermann.

The first-ever DW branded production drum kit was released in 2011 in the form of the DW Performance Series.

Featuring maple shells for full rich tone, 45 degree bearing edges for superb projection, innovative hardware for easy setup, true pitch tuning rods for improved consistent tuning and classy lacquered finishes, these drum kits showcases the beautiful attention to detail we’ve come to expect from DW Drums.


In 2014 DW released their innovative direct-drive MDD pedal. Available as a DW MDD Single Pedal and a DW MDD Double Pedal, these drum pedals were designed to deliver a quick, smooth, responsive and powerful playing feel.

Featuring an optimised fulcrum geometry linkage, solid aluminium direct-drive cam, Control Weights and Impact Adjustable Beater, perforated solid aluminium footboard, contoured heel plate, interlocking delta hinge and floating rotor drive technology.

Adding to their already stellar line of kick pedals, the DW MDD solidly confirms that DW has the knowledge, design and production skills to create the best bass drum pedals in the industry.

In 2015, Drum Workshop solidified their place as a dominant force within the drum world when Gretsch DrumsLP Percussion and Gibraltar Hardware all joined the DW Family of brands.

DW drums have continued to innovate over the years and are now a definitive drummer’s choice when it comes to gear.

Grab your own slice of this amazingly innovative drum company today.

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