DW 5500 2 Leg Hi-Hat Stand
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DW 5500 2 Leg Hi-Hat Stand

by DW
The DW 5500 2 Leg Hi-Hat Stand is a piece of heavy-duty hardware at a great, low price. Featuring hinged memory locks, a lateral cymbal..

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The DW 5500 2 Leg Hi-Hat Stand is a piece of heavy-duty hardware at a great, low price. Featuring hinged memory locks, a lateral cymbal seat and locking clutch for a consistent, secure setup.

DW 5000 Hi-Hat Stand

The DW 5000 series of hardware was designed to offer heavy-duty professional quality hardware at an affordable price. DW 5000 is a stripped down version of the higher end 9000 series and features fewer bells and whistles to offer a simple, no-nonsense quality hardware range that won’t break the bank.

Folding Footboard

The DW 5500 hi-hat stand features a folding footboard which folds away for easy transportation and storage. The footboard remains attached to the base of the stand when it's in the folded position for a secure pack down. Once folded down, the flat position and 2-leg features of this stand allow for compact storage and convenient portability, ideal for transporting between gigs and rehearsals.

Delta Ball Bearing Hinge

The DW 5000 series hi-hat stand features a state of the art Delta ball bearing hinge which is made from lightweight aluminium. This design incorporates ball bearings at both sides of the hinge to offer a quick action and smooth footboard movement for a comfortable playing feel.

Bearing Link Connector

The unique bearing link connector of this DW hi-hat stand joins the footboard chain to the pull rod and works to reduce friction and to increase sensitivity. The result is a smooth action that creates a seamless link between your foot and the hi-hats for a quick, responsive feel and great control of sound.

Hinged Memory Locks

To aid quick and easy setup, DW have included hinged memory locks to their 5000 hi-hat stand. The memory locks are included at tube joints to provide a consistent, precise height setting every time. Once you’ve found your most comfortable height position you don’t need to think about finding it again because the memory locks remember it for you, making your life much easier when it comes to setting up.

Lateral Cymbal Seat

Now, this feature is a true time saver. It may be a small detail but it makes a big difference.

As with the 9000 series hi-hat, the DW 5500 features a uniquely designed lateral cymbal seat. A first in hi-hat design, this nifty attention to detail provides instant access to adjust the bottom cymbal angle. On most hi-hat stands this needs to be done with a drum key and usually involves banging your head on your hi-hat cymbals to look underneath them to find the tension rod adjuster.

Here DW have made life simple by utilising a wing nut design that offers ease of use for instant adjustment. Simple yet effective!

Locking Clutch

The DW 5500D comes with a SM379 locking hi-hat clutch as standard. The clutch allows you to easily dial in the level of open wash or closed tightness you need, to ensure you achieve the precise sound you want no matter the musical situation. Then, lock in your setting to ensure it doesn’t come loose as you play, for a consistent hi-hat sound from start to finish.

Upper Rods

This DW hi-hat stand comes with two rods as standard. With both a 15” and 21” upper rod you have the option to customise your hi-hat setup to your exact needs and switch it up whenever you need to as well.

Swivel Legs

The DW 5500D Hi-Hat stand features swivel legs for super easy positioning of bass drum pedals and other stands around the hi-hat for a convenient setup and comfortable playing position. This combined with the fact that the hi-hat stand has 2 legs means you should have ample space and adjustability to ensure your set up is as comfy as possible. Go on, make yourself at home!


If you want a sturdy, heavy duty set of hardware that isn’t filled with fancy details and additional functions that you’ll probably never use, the DW 5000 range is for you.

The DW 5000 hardware series offers simple, efficient, effective design at a great price.

With features like the nifty lateral cymbal seat, swivel legs and hinged memory locks, the DW 5500D offers robust functionality in a well designed, affordable package. Buy yours now from PMT Online.

DW 5500 2 Leg Hi-Hat Stand Key Features:

  • Folding Footboard
  • Delta Ball Bearing Hinge
  • Bearing Link Connector
  • Hinged Memory Locks
  • Lateral Cymbal Seat
  • SM379 Locking Clutch
  • Upper Rods
  • Swivel Legs


Weight (kg)6.5000
Series5000 series

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