DW MDD Machined Direct Drive Double Pedal
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DW MDD Machined Direct Drive Double Pedal DW MDD Machined Direct Drive Double Pedal DW MDD Machined Direct Drive Double Pedal

DW MDD Machined Direct Drive Double Pedal

by DW
The DW MDD Machined Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal is the first ever DW direct drive pedal. Offering a quick, smooth, responsive and po..

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The DW MDD Machined Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal is the first ever DW direct drive pedal. Offering a quick, smooth, responsive and powerful playing feel thanks to its unique floating rotor technology.

DW Direct Drive Double Pedal

The DW Machined Direct Drive Double Pedal is the only direct drive pedal on the market to offer floating rotor technology.

It’s unique attention to detail and innovative design like this that has enabled DW to establish itself as a world leader when it comes to bass drum pedal manufacture.

From the wildly popular DW 9000 pedal to the robust DW 5000, DW have proven they have the knowledge, design and production skills to create superb bass drum pedals. The MDD is no different.

Optimised Fulcrum Geometry Linkage

This may sound overly complicated, but the optimised fulcrum geometry linkage refers to the solid piece of metal that connects the bass drum pedal to the post that moves the beater.

Essentially, the direct drive bit. It has been specifically designed to offer a super smooth, responsive feel to ensure your movements are transferred seamlessly to the bass drum beater.

Creating a more immediate feel that links you directly to your bass drum, the fulcrum geometry linkage is yet another indicator of Drum Workshop’s brilliant eye for detail.

Solid Aluminium Direct Drive Cam

Made from lightweight Aluminium, the direct drive cam of the DW MDD double pedal serves to create a clean, smooth link between the pedal and the beater, allowing for a gliding, streamlined transfer of movement from the footboard to the beater shaft.

Infinite Throw Adjustment

As ever DW like to give the drummer options. That’s why they’ve included an infinite throw adjustment in their Machined Direct Drive double pedal.

This allows you to easily set the angle of the beater shaft in relation to the pedal board, ensuring you achieve the most comfortable playing feel for your style and technique.

110 Control Weight/Impact Adjustable Beater

The DW Direct Drive double pedal comes complete with 110 Control adjustable beaters. The patented design of this beater allows you to truly customise your beater feel.

The 110 control beater includes interchangeable weights to allow you to set the weight response of the beater to whichever feels best for you. If you like a heavier feel add more weight to the beater, or if you prefer a light response drop the weight.

In addition, the DW 110 beater also provides you with options when it comes to the beater playing surface.

The control beater comes with 3 different playing surfaces. There’s a hard flat felt option for maximum surface contact with the batter head, a spherical felt beater which consists of a more rounded felt for a smaller surface contact or you can opt for the flat plastic head for a more robust, impactful sound.

The ability to change up the weight and playing surfaces of the 110 control beater makes it a beater like no other. A super unique addition to a great direct drive pedal.

Perforated Solid Aluminium Footboard

The footboards of the DW MDD double pedal feature a perforated design to improve grip for a more secure playing feel. The perforations also add an industrial look to the rugged machined design.

Contoured Heel Plate

DW knows that the more comfortable you are when you play, the better you’re likely to play. That’s why the bass of the pedal is finished with a contoured heel plate to allow for a comfortable foot position when using the pedal.

Interlocking Delta Hinge

DW’s Machined Direct Drive double pedal also features a patented interlocking hinge that joins the heel plate and the footboard together for a secure, sturdy built that allows for superb ease of movement. The result is a super smooth footboard response.

Floating Rotor Drive

Just like the legendary DW 9000 series of bass pedals, the DW MDD pedal features floating rotor drive technology that allows for a super smooth playing response. This pedal has a truly clean, responsive, comfortable playing feel.

Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp

The MDD double bass pedal features the same tri-pivot toe clamp technology found on other DW pedals.

This design features a clamp that incorporates 3 rubber pads that move independently in a 360-degree rotation.

The pads allow the clamp to firmly grip almost any diameter and thickness of bass drum hoop with zero movement.

Once you’ve set the MDD in place it will stay reliably and securely where you position it to ensure a consistent playing feel throughout your gig or rehearsal.

AB All-Bearing Universal Joint

Further adding to the smoothness of this pedal, the DW MDD features an All-Bearing Universal Joint that connects the universal assembly link rod to both pedals.

This ball bearing universal joint allows for great adjustability when positioning the bass drum pedals.

The result is a set up that is as comfortable as possible without being limited to where and how you can position your kick pedals.

Double Pedal Bag

As if this pedal wasn’t packed with enough features, DW even give you a bag to put it all in.

The DW MDD double pedal comes with a double pedal bag included enabling you to easily store and transport the pedal.

The heavy-duty pedal bag features a central, diagonal divider that allows the two pedals to be kept separate avoiding damage from knocks during transport.

The bag also has space to store the jointing assembly rod and beaters for a compact pack down size.

Offering organised storage and convenient portability, this double bass drum pedal bag is the perfect addition for gigging drummers who need to transfer their gear from gigs to rehearsals and back again.


Featuring the innovative design and robust build quality we’ve come to expect from DW, the Machined Direct Drive Pedal is packed with high-end functionality and stylish attention to detail.

From the unique floating rotor system, infinite throw adjuster and fulcrum geometry linkage to the clever 110 control beaters, stylishly perforated footboards and the all-bearing universal joints, the DW MDD pedal offers superb adjustability, customisation and professional function.

A high-end pedal with a high-end smooth, responsive feel, this pedal is an absolute treat for direct drive loving drummers. Buy yours now from PMT Online.

DW MDD Machined Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal Key Features:

  • Optimised Fulcrum Geometry Linkage
  • Solid Aluminium Direct Drive Cam
  • Infinite Throw Adjustment
  • 110 Control Weight / Impact Adjustable Beater
  • Perforated Solid Aluminium Footboard
  • Contoured Heel Plate
  • Interlocking Delta Hinge
  • Floating Rotor Drive
  • Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp
  • AB All-Bearing Universal Joint
  • Double Pedal Bag


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