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Electric Bass Guitar

Bass guitars usually have a larger body size, longer neck, and produce low-pitched notes.

Although the electric bass guitar is often played with the fingers it can be played in many different ways to suit a variation of music types. The strings can be plucked, slapped, tapped, thumbed or popped.

Commonly the bass guitar is fretted and has four strings, but is also available with five, six and eight strings, with fretless versions also available from the vast majority of manufacturers.

At the PMT Bass Guitar shop we stock a huge variety of Basses including Fender Precision and Jazz models, classic Gibson thunderbird and Rickenbacker models and all the new offerings from Ibanez, Yamaha, Peavey.

So if your fingers run like John Entwistle, you slap and pop like Flea or you pluck like Motorhead's Lemmy... PMT will have the instrument you're looking for and at the right price.


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