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Explore our range of electric bass guitars, each meticulously crafted to deliver the ultimate playing experience. From renowned brands including Fender, Schecter and Squier to hidden gems, we have an electric bass guitar to suit every taste, experience level and budget.


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Fender Music Man Ibanez Rickenbacker Antiquity Squier Schecter

For Beginners

If you are new to playing the bass guitar, take a look at our Bass Guitar Buying Guide for tips on finding the right instrument for you - try to pick out a bass that looks good and suits the genres of music that you want to be able to play.

At PMT we stock brands such as Squier and Eastcoast that offer iconic styles at entry-level prices without compromising on build quality or playability. If you're not sure what exactly you need to get going, check out our bass guitar Starter Packs, and remember to consider shorter-scale instruments if you or the person you're buying for might not need a full-sized bass.

Extended Range

Whilst most electric bass guitars have 4 strings, more and more people are moving into the realm of extended-range instruments and playing electric bass guitars with 5 or even 6 strings.

These instruments offer the ability to play notes that simply don't exist on a standard bass guitar, as well as opening up a world of new chords and tunings to experiment with.

People who are new to playing bass usually start on a standard 4 string, but as you get a good grasp of the basics then you can try out playing on an extended-range instrument and improve your skills further.


  • What is the most popular electric bass guitar of all time?

    The most popular electric bass ever made is also the first electric bass ever made: the Fender Precision (aka the P-Bass)
  • Can you play electric bass without an amp?

    You can indeed play an electric bass without an amplifier, however you would need an amp for band rehearsals and live performances - or a DI box to plug into the PA system.
  • Are bassists failed guitarists?

    Not at all! Whilst switching from guitar to bass (and vice versa) is common, the majority of bass players tend to choose it as their first instrument.