Music Man

Music Man

Founded with the help and guidance of Leo Fender back in the early 1970s, Music Man started up with the "Sixty Five" bass amp, a hybrid of tube and solid-state technology.

It later developed alongside brands such as Jackson and Charvel and soon evolved into one of the biggest names in Musical Instruments on the planet - in fact, their Stingray 5 is still considered the Recording Industry Standard in 5-string bass guitars today, more than 30 years after its initial release!

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Although famed for their wide range of guitars and basses, including several notable artist signature series (such as the amazing John Petrucci Majesty, Steve Lukather's L3, and even the relatively new St Vincent signature), Music Man's most popular instrument is still the iconic StingRay bass, a 4-string model sold in a wide array of finishes, pickguard, and even EQ-type options.

We have a wide variety of them available here at PMT already, but if you would like a particular colour matching up with a certain fingerboard, pickguard type, and even pickup configuration, then it can most likely be custom-ordered for you (contact our online sales team for more details).


Since 1984, Ernie Ball MusicMan has been crafting guitars and basses in San Luis Obispo, California. The Ball family is the last of a dying breed, a family business making guitars and basses in the United States. Since 1984, the Ball Family have been dedicated to building the finest musical instruments in the world.


Each month the Ball family reward Music Man enthusiasts with the opportunity to own something truly exclusive with their Ball Family Reserve (BFR) models. These limited run instruments are a fabulous celebration of the MusicMan heritage and are crafted using only the finest figured tonewoods and finishes available. These ultra-rare (usually less than 100 available worldwide) instruments are a "thank you" to the everyday working musician and were previously only reserved for select clientele and signature artists.


Whilst the prestigious Music Man branded instruments may come in towards the top end of the price market, it's worth noting that they also release instruments under the names Sterling by MusicMan and Sterling SUB to offer more budget-friendly alternatives.

PMT is proud to be one of the UK's leading stockists of Musicman Guitars, Basses and Musical Instruments. With an eclectic selection of Music Man Stingray, Majesty, S.U.B Series and Sterling Series guitars in all 15 of our stores nationwide, pop in to try before you buy, speak to local experts or buy online.


  • Who plays Musicman guitars?

    Music Man guitars are played by professional musicians around the world. Some noteworthy musicians include Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta, Joe Dart of Vulfpeck, and St. Vincent.
  • Where are Musicman guitars made?

    Music Man guitars are crafted in the San Luis Obispo factory in California. Some ranges, such as the Sterling models, are built in Indonesia.
  • What's the difference between the Musicman Sterling and StingRay?

    The Sterling Bass is noticeably more compact than the StingRay, measuring in at 1 inch shorter in both length and width. Due to the ceramic pickup magnet in the Sterling, the sound is somewhat more aggressive and has a pronounced midrange.
  • Why should I buy a Musicman Guitar?

    Music Man guitars are high-quality instruments that have served professionals and amateurs alike for many years. The unique stylings and innovative technology are hard to find together elsewhere, making Music Man one of our favourite guitar brands.
  • Who makes StingRay guitars?

    The StingRay guitar model is manufactured by Music Man.