Dynamic Microphones


We have a huge selection of dynamic microphones here at Professional Music Technology to suit all budgets. Whether you’re looking for a professional level dynamic microphone like the Shure SM7B for recording studio quality vocals or podcasts or a cheap dynamic microphone like the Shure PGA48-QTR-E for live vocals in the rehearsal room or to lay demos down at home. We also have many industry standard dynamic microphones for live vocals and live performances such as the Shure Beta 58A Dynamic Microphone which is found in almost every studio and live venue in the world as well as the Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone which is consistently used and relied upon as the best microphone to record guitar amplifiers and snare drums.


If you need the best dynamic microphone for public speaking applications such as open mic nights, comedy clubs, schools, functions or you need something to use to record high quality podcasts or broadcast with, you can find the perfect mic for your needs, within your budget here at PMT. Our top recommendations for these uses would be the likes of the Shure SM7B, Sennheiser Evolution E845 Dynamic Vocal Microphone and Shure SM58 as these dynamic microphones are consistently relied upon as they provide exceptional clarity for spoken word applications and recording speech.


When you need the best live sound possible and an accurate representation of your vocals, there are a select few dynamic microphones that professionals everywhere will always turn to. Some of the best known dynamic microphones for live vocals come in the form of the budget friendly Wharfedale DM5.0S, the Audix OM2 Dynamic Vocal Microphone and the industry standard Shure SM58.


For the studio professionals out there, you’ll find a massive selection of dynamic microphones for recording instruments and mic’ing up in a live scenario. Some of the best and widely used dynamic microphones for these applications come in the form of the industry standard guitar mic – the Shure SM57, the Shure PGA52 Cardioid Swivel-mount Dynamic Kick-drum Microphone, Shure 520DX 'Green Bullet' Dynamic Microphone and the Audix i5 Dynamic Instrument Microphone. If you’re looking for a complete selection of dynamic microphones to suit all needs and applications as well as all budgets, look no further than PMT online or call into your local PMT store to speak to our studio and production experts. We can help you find the perfect dynamic microphone for you whether you’re recording at home, you need a dynamic microphone for live vocals, public speaking or public-address systems. We also have a huge array of professional microphones to suit your studio or live venue should you need to mic up instruments and capture high quality audio.


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