Parlour Acoustic Guitars

Big sounds come in small packages. Parlour acoustic guitars are often considered the smallest member of the acoustic guitar family. Their smaller size has given it a reputation as some of the most affordable and most portable guitars that are still used today. 

The popularity of these guitars peaked between 1900 and 1950. However they experienced a revival in the 21st century, often praised for their mid-range tones, historic vibes and easy portability.


The name ‘Parlour guitar’ comes from the fact that during the late 19th century, they became a popular form of entertainment for wealthy guests. Often being performed in ‘Parlour rooms’ (Sometimes spelt Parlor, if you're American). 

Due to the smaller size, the fretboard usually meets the body at the 12th fret, giving the guitar a much shorter scale length. Contributing to its unique sound, especially when compared to other acoustic guitars - like the dreadnaught acoustic guitars or larger jumbo acoustic guitars.


While the Parlour acoustic guitar is not as mainstream now as it was in the early 1900’s, their increase in popularity over the last couple of decades can be attributed to a number of popular folk singers using them in their music. Including Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and Mark Orton. 

In recent years, the success of the guitar has been influenced by famous astronaut Chris Hadfield recording a viral youtube hit of himself floating in the international space station, playing a parlour guitar.


At PMT Online we stock a wide range of popular parlour acoustic guitar brands. Including the sought after Tanglewood range of models. Other brands include; Fender, Martin, Washburn, Gibson and Gretsch. You can use the manufacturer filter below to find the exact parlour guitar you are looking for.


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  • What is a Parlour guitar?

    A Parlour (or Parlor) guitar is a slim-waisted acoustic instrument that first became popular in the late 19th century, and was named for the room in a house where it was generally played.
  • Are Parlour guitars any good?

    Due to their smaller size, Parlour guitars are great for beginners and younger players looking to get to grips with the instrument. Despite this, they are usually also great for more experienced players too.
  • Do Parlour guitars sound different?

    Because of their smaller bodies, Parlour/Parlor guitars often feature voices that emphasise the midrange rather than lower frequencies. This makes them an ideal guitar for fingerstyle players and lighter strummers.