Drum Hardware

Drum Hardware includes all the bits and parts that hold a drum-kit together, allowing the drummer to play a smooth set. Therefore it's essential that you purchase only good-quality hardware! Here at the PMT Online drum shop we stock all the best drum stoolscymbal standshi-hat standssnare stands, single and double kick pedalsclamps & more.



A modern-day drum kit can quickly expand in size and structure, and drum hardware plays an important role, ensuring the expansion of your set-up is supported appropriately. It's always better to pay more for reliable gear.

It's also important to note that even though drummers are usually good at sharing gear at gigs, they usually don't share their "breakables": snares, cymbals and one of the most important pieces of drum-hardware: their kick drum pedals. Sometimes they don't share cymbal stands either, so it's always good to own your own hardware - even if you don't own your own full kit yet!

Besides a huge online selection, at the PMT House of Drums drum shops around the UK we also stock heavy-duty & road ready drum stands, and drum hardware that have been gig-tested by our product experts, to ensure that the models we stock are stage-ready! There is drum hardware to suit all requirements, so check out our featured brands including TamaYamahaMapex and Natal.


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