The Natal Percussion Company was established in 1965 by British Percussionist Alan Sharp.


In 1968, unhappy with the quality of percussion available at the time, he began to source his own components and started to assemble his own instruments. They quickly gained popularity and soon others started to order from Alan. It was then that Alan decided to turn his venture into a company.

Natal is named after Alan and his wife Natalie. But, for you trivia fans Natal also means Christmas in Portuguese because the region in South Africa was discovered by a Portuguese navigator on Christmas Day, 1497. Just FYI!


Natal was the first to use fibreglass in the construction of Congas, offering greater volume and sound projection than wooden options. They also pioneered the use of rounded hoops which were much easier on hands. These hoops later gained the name the ‘comfort curve’.

Early on Natal gained favour with big artists of the day including Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, instantly securing Natal’s popularity and credibility within the music industry.

Moving into the 1990s, Natal began to diversify their product range when they created their first wooden congas and also extended their percussion range to include cowbells, Cajons and other small hand instruments.


In 2010 it was announced that Natal had joined the Marshall family. This was particularly significant for Jim Marshall who was a drummer himself and had sold Natal percussion in his shop in 1962. This new era in Natal’s story was marked by the unveiling of 28 new products, including, for the first time, drum kits.

Natal began crafting a wide variety of drum kits from birch, ash, maple, walnut and Bubinga. All kits were adorned with Natal’s signature sun lugs, an instant identifier still used today. Natal also began to produce ranges of hardware and snares all finished in a stunning array of colours.

Moving forward, Natal continues to expand and develop their drum ranges, attracting new artists like Jamie Morrison (Stereophonics), Dave Rawling (Mallory Knox) and Chris Wood (Bastille).


From the Natal Cafe Racer to the Arcadia Birch and Arcadia Acrylic kits through to the Natal Maple Originals, Natal continues to produce a variety of drum kits that offer a sound for everyone.

Their range of snares from the snappy sound of steel in the Natal Beaded/Hammered, Hand Hammered and Arcadia Metal Snares to the luscious Mappa Burl and Natal Tulipwood snares through to the open tone and the bursting colours of the Arcadia Acrylic Snares,

Natal offers a superb choice for drummers of all styles and budgets. The Natal Pure Stave snares in particular showcase the great build quality and affordable price that Natal has to offer.


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