Natal Hand Hammered Steel 14 x 7 Snare Drum
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Natal Hand Hammered Steel 14 x 7 Snare Drum Natal Hand Hammered Steel Snare Tri-Throw Off Natal Hand Hammered Steel Underside Natal Hand Hammered Steel 14 x 7 Snare Vent Badge

Natal Hand Hammered Steel 14" x 7" Snare Drum

by Natal
The Natal Hand Hammered Steel 14” x 7” Snare Drum delivers striking looks and dark shimmering tone thanks to its stunning hand hammered ..

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The Natal Hand Hammered Steel 14” x 7” Snare Drum delivers striking looks and dark shimmering tone thanks to its stunning hand hammered shell.

Natal Hand Hammered Snare

Offering a stand out aesthetic courtesy of its deep hand hammered marks, this beautiful Natal Steel snare offers rich dark tones.

With a look that’s as impressive as its sound, this Natal snare is ideal for a wide range of playing styles and performance settings.

The sound assisting hardware further helps to ensure you always achieve the sound you require no matter the musical situation.

Natal Hand Hammered Steel 14” x 7” Snare Drum Key Features:

  • 1mm Steel Shell
  • Deep Hand Hammer Marks
  • Dark, Shimmering Tones
  • Signature Sun Lugs
  • Tri-Throw Snare Mechanism
  • Tru-Tune Tension Rods
  • Triple Flanged Hoops
  • 20 Strand Snare Wire
  • Natal Branded Woven Snare Tapes

Shimmering Darkness

This Natal Hand Hammered snare features a 1mm thick steel shell to deliver brilliant all-purpose tone.

Known for its pronounced high frequencies, steel produces loud cutting tone perfect for slicing through the mix in live situations.

However, the hand hammering of the steel shell serves to add a darker complexity to the snare sound, making it a great choice for studio recording too.

Offering a darker depth of tone compared to non-hammered counterparts, this snare has a controlled dryness to its sound while still maintain a good amount of sustain.

The result is a versatile snare drum that delivers the projection needed to cut through on stage and the complex range of tone desirable for the studio.

Stunning Aesthetics

Providing a striking aesthetic thanks to its orange / bronze colour and deep hand hammering marks, this Natal snare drum looks as cool as it sounds.

The bright shimmering bronze of the shell perfectly complements the dark shimmering tone it produces.

The shell is adorned with all chrome hardware to deliver a classy overall aesthetic in keeping with the shiny finish of the shell.

Top Functionality

As with the majority of Natal Drums, this Natal Hand Hammered Steel Snare is fitted with Tru-Tune tension rods to deliver easy, long lasting, accurate tuning.

Helping you to quickly achieve the sound you require, the Tru-Tune rods ensure you maintain your ideal sound from first tap to last hit.

The 14” snare comes fitted with a Natal Tri-Throw snare mechanism to deliver smooth adjustment and control of the 20 strand snare wires.

Providing a classy attention to detail the snare wires are attached to the strainer and butt plate using black woven snare tapes that are adorned with the white Natal logo.


Though the striking aesthetic of this hand hammered snare might be the thing that instantly grabs your attention, it’ll be its bright cutting tone that keeps you interested.

The 1mm steel snare offers loud, top end projection and the deep hand hammering adds a dark complexity to the sound making it a brilliantly versatile option for all styles and settings.

The rich shimmering bronze colour of the snare is complemented perfectly by the all chrome hardware and the tru-tune rods and tri-throw ensure easy adjustability and consistent tuning.

For stunning versatile tone and striking high end style, buy the Natal Hand Hammered Steel 14” x 7” Snare Drum now from PMT Online.


Weight (kg)5.0000
Shell Materialsteel
Snare Size14" x 7"

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