Bass Effects Pedals

Create devastating grooves and hold down the rhythm in style with our range of Bass Effects Pedals at PMT. Specifically engineered for use with the lower frequencies of the bass, these pedals will turn an average rig into a monster.

Shop stompboxes from bass FX heavyweights such as Ashdown, Electro-Harmonix, MXR, and more.


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What are the Best Bass Effects Pedals?

Sir Paul McCartney was one of the pioneers in effects-laden bass playing - when he plugged into a fuzz pedal on The Beatles' song 'Think For Yourself' he inspired a generation of musicians with the revolutionary new sound. Today, fuzz pedals remain a popular choice for rock'n'roll bassists.

For beginners, a Multi-Effects Pedal for Bass can be a great choice, but many players also like to use Bass Compressor Pedals and various different sorts of Bass Overdrive and Distortion.

Guitar Pedals for Bass

Many guitar pedals work equally as well on bass as they do on guitar, and some are designed to be used across a range of instruments - for example, with synthesizers too.

Bassists no longer need to rely solely on guitar fx pedals to shape their instruments' sounds, however, as there is an extensive range of Bass Effects Pedals available to the modern bass player.

Find your favourite from manufacturers such as BOSS, Electro-Harmonix, DOD, MXR and Ashdown - all available at PMT Online and in-store.


  • What pedals should every bass player have?

    Whilst there are many great bass FX pedals out there, four essentials that most players own are: tuner, compressor, octave, and overdrive/distortion.
  • Do guitar effects work on bass?

    There are many guitar FX that DO work on bass - some even have separate inputs for both Guitar AND Bass - but it's usually a better idea to buy pedals specially designed to cope with a bass guitar's lower frequencies.
  • How do I make my bass sound deeper?

    A Sub-Harmonic Generator - such as an EHX POG, or the MXR M288 - adds an extra octave below what you play on your bass, giving you a much deeper, and richer overall sound.