Bass Effects Pedals

Bass effects pedals are specifically engineered for bass guitars and now more popular than ever. Altering the bass guitar signal with digital and analogue effects can be very effective, adding a whole new palette of sounds to your performance. There are many different types of bass FX pedals, but some of the favourites with staff in the PMT bass shops are compression, chorus, synth, octave and bass wah.


Sir Paul McCartney was one of the pioneers in playing bass with effects pedals, when he plugged his bass to a Fuzz pedal on The Beatles' track 'Think For Yourself' from the album 'Rubber Soul'. It was a great, revolutionary new sound and, indeed, today fuzz pedals remain a popular choice for rock'n'roll bassists. The Big Muff is a perennial favourite, in any of its diverse incarnations, but the Big Muff Bass, as the name suggests, was specifically designed for the bass guitar.

In fact, bassists no longer need to rely on guitar fx pedals to shape their instruments' sounds, as there is an extensive range of bass effects pedals by manufacturers such as BossElectro-HarmonixDODMXR and Ashdown, which you can find at PMT Online and in-store.

For beginners, a Zoom Multi Effects pedal for bass can be a great choice, too.


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