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Electro Harmonix is a world-renowned manufacturer of Guitar Effects Pedals. Founded back in 1968 by Mike Matthews, Electro-Harmonix pedals originally established themselves with the iconic Big Muff fuzz pedal - one of the most widely-used Distortion / Fuzz style guitar effects ever made.


Today, Electro-Harmonix stompbox pedals come in all shapes and sizes, covering the full spectrum of effect types. Everything from Fuzz and DistortionOverdriveReverb and DelayMulti-Effects and Modulation pedals all feature in the EHX lineup. Electro Harmonix are particularly renowned for more quirky, strange Pitch and Synth-style pedals like the B9 Organ Machine and Guitar Mono Synth!


Electro Harmonix effects often feature quirky, unconventional names and bright, bold faceplate designs. Each pedal possesses a unique character and stands out from the crowd. Just what you want amongst a crammed pedalboard on stage!

If you're more of a studio tone-tweaker, Electro Harmonix pedals are a great choice as you can produce totally unique tones that nobody else has dialled in. Combine multiple effects for truly out-the-box sounds never heard before!


The world of guitar effects would a duller place without Electro Harmonix and it's eccentric founder Mike Matthews, creator of the Big Muff. The iconic Big Muff fuzz pedal established their reputation as a serious player in the world of guitar effects. Since launch, the Big Muff series has taken on many forms and re-releases, cementing itself as an industry-standard Fuzz pedal that has helped define rock music in the last 4 decades.


Many famous players have relied on Electro Harmonix pedals over the years. For example, Kurt Cobain infamously used the Big Muff, Echo Flanger, Small Clone, Stereo Polychorus to create a legendary punk rock tone.

Being used by legends like Gilmour, Santana and Billy Corgan, few pedals have become an intrinsic part of players tone the way the EHX Big Muff has. Having spawned countless variations for vintage germanium sounds, bass guitar and a super-compact Nano version, the EHX Muff can easily find a place on any pedalboard.

From weekend warriors in pub bands to metalheads and stadium rockers, Electro Harmonix offers wild and wonderful tone to anyone who needs it! Your local PMT Music Store is a great place to come in and try before you buy. Combine a few stompboxes in store and see what works for you, with the help of our in-store experts.


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