Electro Harmonix B9 Organ Machine Guitar Pedal
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Electro Harmonix B9 Organ Machine Guitar Pedal

Transforming your guitar or keyboard sound into a full body electric organ, the EHX B9 Organ Machine gives you tonnes of inspiring options. ..

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Transforming your guitar or keyboard sound into a full body electric organ, the EHX B9 Organ Machine gives you tonnes of inspiring options.

Convincing Organ Emulation

With 9 presets, finely tuned to emulate some of the most popular and iconic electric organ tones, the Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ Machine is a great way of adding that authentic organ sound to your band or solo performance.

Working equally well with a keyboard as it does with a guitar, people won’t believe the sound you’re producing. Imagine just playing your guitar and delivering the immense sound of an full body organ – that’s a performance your audience won’t soon forget.

Nine Incredible Presets

With nine presets all with adjustable mod types and other settings you have a great bank of sounds to work with, impress your audience and find inspiration.

  1. Fat & Full – This preset adds an extra octave below your playing, making your guitar sound twice as big and filling out any band’s sound in an instant. MOD Type: Chorus.
  2. Jazz – This preset gives you a cool, smooth jazz tone reminiscent of the late, great Jimmy Smith. MOD Type: Chorus.
  3. Gospel – This sound gives you the upper octave drawbars of the organ sound to give you that great soulful tone. MOD Type: Chorus.
  4. Classic Rock – Captures the classic rock sound of songs like “Whiter Shade of Pale” by Procol Harum. MOD Type: Chorus.
  5. Bottom End – This preset has the sound of an organ’s lower draw bar and is perfect for adding bottom to your guitar and playing B3 bass sounds. By turning the CLICK control up you can lay down a bass line reminiscent of the one from Sugarloaf’s “Green Eyed Lady”. Mod Type: Chorus.
  6. Octaves – This one gives you your original tone with an added octave above, great for playing song’s like Led Zeppelin’s “Your Time is Gonna Come”. MOD Type: Chorus. CLICK control adds higher harmonics as well as key click.
  7. Cathedral – This one has you feeling like you’re at the seat of a giant cathedral organ. Great for psychedelic rock tones or even epic metal.  MOD Type: Tremolo. CLICK control adjusts the tremolo depth.
  8. Continental – This is a classic combo organ sound similar those found on songs such as “96 Tears”, “Wooly Bully” and “House of The Rising Sun”. MOD Type: Vibrato. CLICK control adjusts the vibrato dept.
  9. Bell Organ – This one gives you the effect of crossing an electric piano with an organ. MOD Type: Tremolo. CLICK control adjusts the amount of bell or chime added to your sound.

Great Gear

Not only does the Electro-Harmonix B9 bring you amazing sounds to your playing but, as with all Electro-Harmonix pedals, it has been constructed to last. A rugged build quality and tough metal chassis mean this pedal will withstand all the rigorous of the road and stand the test of time with any gigging musician.

Perfect for any guitarist or keyboard player that wants to add that coveted organ sound to their band or solo performance.

Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ Machine Pedal Features:

  • Transforms the tone of your guitar or keyboard into an authentic sounding organ
  • 9 presets, finely tuned to emulate popular, classic electric organ tones
  • Gives you great control over percuassive attack level, modulation speed, organ and dry volume levels
  • Rugged, robust build
  • Works great with the Key9 and C9 to give you a complete keyboard rig
  • Includes power adapter



Weight (kg)1.0000
Warranty2 years

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