Acoustic Amps

The best friend of the busker, our range of Acoustic Guitar Amps at PMT includes iconic models from Roland, Fender, Yamaha, and more. Designed for total transparency and crystal-clear tones, you're sure to find something to suit your needs - whether you're busking, playing live, or just need a little extra volume for practicing.


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If you're planning on taking your acoustic guitar out on to the streets, you'll probably want to opt for a battery-powered acoustic guitar amp model. This handy innovation renders your setup totally portable and allows for hours of amplified playing at a time - perfect for wowing the crowds in the city centre or at the park.

For Singers

If you're planning on belting out a couple of songs with your acoustic but don't fancy lugging around a PA System, look for an acoustic guitar amp that has an additional channel for connecting a microphone. These handy amps are just at home in a small venue as they are out on the road, so whether you're a singer-songwriter perfecting your craft or simply want to jam out some of your favourite tunes, at PMT you're sure to find the best acoustic guitar amp for your needs.


  • Are Acoustic Guitar Amps Worth It?

    Yes absolutely, using an amp for your acoustic is essential when it comes to needing your guitar's sound to project further with ease.
  • Can you Play an Electric Guitar Through an Acoustic Amp?

    Yes, you can play an electric guitar through an acoustic guitar amplifier. However we can't say it'll sound very good, as acoustic amps are fitted with a different type of speaker that deliver maximum headroom. Enabling you with a clean sound at all times