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Boss Acoustic Singer Live LT Amplifier

by Boss
The Boss Acoustic Singer Live LT is a professional level acoustic amplifier, designed for the singer-guitarist with streamlined features wit..

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The Boss Acoustic Singer Live LT is a professional level acoustic amplifier, designed for the singer-guitarist with streamlined features with 60-watt output and bi-amp design.

Natural and Balanced

The Boss Acoustic amp comes with a 6.5" woofer and dome tweeter to offer the performer a full-range experience providing a natural and balanced output for the listener.

A powerful bi-amp design works in conjunction with the speaker, offering a vibrant, high-definition tone full of natural clarity, instilling the performer with confidence that their natural voice and acoustic sound is presented to the audience with no fuss.


This is the most streamlined version of the Boss Acoustic series, with no frills, making it perfect for the player that doesn't need all the bells and whistles a lot of acoustic amplifiers arrive with.

It features dual channels, to connect a vocal mic and guitar/instrument, a dedicated EQ and effects for personal sound manipulation.

Boss Acoustic Singer Live LT Key Features:

  • 60–watt bi-amp design with custom-designed 6.5-inch woofer and dome tweeter
  • Guitar and mic channels with discrete analog input electronics and independent three-band EQs
  • Acoustic Resonance (three types) on guitar channel restores natural tone to stage guitars with piezo pickups
  • Enhance effect on mic channel for full, well-defined vocal tones
  • Delay/chorus effect on guitar channel, delay/echo effect on mic channel, and independent reverb on both channels
  • Phase switch and notch filter for fast feedback suppression
  • Tilt-back cabinet design for maximum sound projection
  • Aux input with level control for backing music
  • XLR DI jack and phones/recording output
  • USB audio interface for computer recording/playback
  • Control guitar and mic effects with optional footswitches

Bi-Amp Engineering

Bi-amplification engineering is the Rolls Royce of high-end design, accurate for full-range audio reproduction.

Matched with a 6.5" Woofer and dome tweeter that are driven by separate amps releasing the most clear and natural sound possible.

The amp produces a full-range output, creating a prominent lows, a clear midrange and bright highs with defined tone and clarity, reducing unwanted resonances with maximum projection when performing live.

Perfect Solution for the Singer Guitarist

The Boss Acoustic Singer Live LT Amp offers the guitarist a superb solution for both vocals and guitars. Designed to deliver these sounds across naturally with the amps analog circuitry capturing the full range dynamics of the player's performance.

The amp comes with a simple three-band EQ offering control over the sonic sounds that this amp produces.

The guitar/instrument channel features BOSS's Acoustic Resonance Processing which restores the natural sound of the guitar, distilling the harshness of the piezo pickups that a lot of electro-acoustic guitars are fitted with.

The mic channel features an enhance switch, which once in play, creates warm studio-quality vocals for the stage.

Feedback Removal

The Acoustic Singer LT features two combatants of feedback, which can be found on stage acoustic performances.

There is a phase switch, which can be brought into play if you start to hear that boomy resonance from the acoustic guitar. The Anti-Feedback knob lets you locate and isolate that pesky frequency that is causing those feedback issues by simply turning it till it disappears.

Perfect Connection

The rear panel on the Acoustic Singer Live LT is packed with interfaces. An XLR DI Output for connection to the desk and an aux input with level control for playing music or backing tracks through your smartphone, laptop or other device.

A USB is present for connecting to a DAW device and a Rec/Phone jack socket for silent practice or recording out.

The Vocal and Guitar effects can also be controlled via optional footswitches.


Weight (kg)10.0000
Warranty2 years
Woofer Size6.5"
Power60 watts
Amp Typeacoustic guitar amplifier

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