Drum Stools

Being comfortable at your kit is a must when playing live. At PMT we stock many different drum thrones and drum stools to ensure your drumming in complete luxury.

Our range includes single and double braced, backrest drum stools and more sophisticated hydraulic types.

Our favorites for all round comfort and support are the Tama HT741and the Mapex T775 drum thrones. Check them out in the PMT house of drums, drum shop.


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Drum Stool FAQs

  • How do I choose the best drum stool for me?

    When choosing the best drum stool for you, consider how you want to set up the throne and your budget. As long as the stool feels comfortable and is within your price range then you should be good to go!
  • What are the most comfortable drum stools?

    Some of the most comfortable drum stools are manufactured by Tama, Mapex, and Pearl.
  • How do you adjust the drum stool?

    Most drum stools can be adjusted with a simple mechanism underneath the seat part of the throne. Some will have a locking section that allows the seat to be fixed in a certain place, whereas others will simply twist until the desired height is found.
  • How high should a drum stool be?

    A drum stool should be set up to provide optimum comfort when playing - there is no right or wrong way to set up a drum throne. Some drummers even play standing up!
  • How much does a drum stool weigh?

    Drum stools typically weigh around 3-5kg.