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Getting Started: Electric Guitar

Just getting started with electric guitar? These lessons will help you get to grips with the basics of guitar - including your first chords and riffs!

Lead Techniques: Electric Guitar

Looking to tidy up your lead playing? Learn how to add flair to your guitar solos and riffs with these lessons on the most essential techniques for lead guitarists.

Hammer Ons

Lesson 10

Pull Offs

Lesson 11

Rhythm Techniques: Electric Guitar

Consider yourself more of a rhythm guitar player? Get started with some essential picking techniques and playing styles to master the role of the rhythm guitarist.

Music Theory: Electric Guitar

These music theory lessons will ensure you have a solid foundation to improve your guitar skills and write your own epic riffs and cool chord progressions.

Improve Your Solos: Electric Guitar

Take centre stage with these awesome guides to supercharging your guitar solos.