Browse our range of awesome guitar straps and make sure your guitar stays exactly where it's supposed to be. With options from Fender, Gibson, Tourtech, and Taylor, you'll always be prepared to rock out in style.


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A sturdy, wide guitar strap is something often overlooked when buying your first guitar. An essential accessory for comfortable playing, investing in a good guitar strap will last a lifetime, and adds a nice personal touch to complement or contrast a guitar finish.

Guitar Strap Materials

Guitar straps usually come in one of three different materials - Leather, Fabric, or Suede. Leather Guitar Straps tend to be the most popular we sell - rugged enough to handle the rigours of touring, but retaining a stylish aesthetic.

With an almost infinite array of colours and patterns to choose from, you can pick from Red, White, Green, Brown, Black and many more to match your guitar. Or why not go fully Rock'n'Roll with a Skulls pattern?

Guitar Strap Brands

We also sell a range of official branded straps, including Epiphone guitar straps, Fender, Gibson, Taylor, Martin and many more. With our 15 UK Stores nationwide you can try before you buy, too - PMT are the place to get your Guitar Straps and Accessories!

Guitar Strap FAQs

  • How do I choose the best guitar strap for me?

    Choose a guitar strap that feels comfortable and is made of a material that is long-lasting. It should be a design that you like and want to wear too, so that you're more likely to want to play it.
  • Do guitar straps fit universally on all guitar types?

    Yes, guitar straps will fit on all guitars no matter if they're electric or acoustic.
  • How high should you wear your guitar?

    You should wear your guitar at any height that is most comfortable for you to play and that allows you to be the best guitarist that you can be.
  • Where does the guitar strap go on an acoustic?

    Most acoustic guitars come with traditional strap buttons for using a guitar strap. Some do not however, and these can be used with a strap that is wrapped around the headstock end of the guitar.
  • Is there a difference between acoustic and electric guitar straps?

    There is no difference between the straps that are used for electric and acoustic guitars. Some people use thicker straps when playing on acoustic guitar for comfort, but this is a personal choice.