Electronic Pads

Electronic Drum Pads are gaining popularity now, not just amongst those who play electronic drum kits, but as an essential part of an otherwise fully acoustic drum kit, adding an extra dimension and more versatility to more traditional setups. These "hybrid drum kits" are now used by many professional players in big bands such as Coldplay, Muse, Rush and others. At the PMT Online Drum Shop you'll find a wide range of electronic pads by brands such as RolandYamahaAlesis and Nord.


Alongside electronic drum triggers and trigger moduleselectronic pads are essential tools for creating a versatile 'Hybrid Drum Kit': the core of your setup will still be the natural sounds of your acoustic drum kit, but now you can use modern technology to expand this setup and shape your sound further, with extra drum & percussion sounds, samples and more!

Just like a modern guitarist may use an electro-acoustic guitar with loopers and other fx pedals, now drummers find it useful to add an electronic element to their sound - while still retaining all the power and immediacy of their acoustic drums. Some things never go out of fashion, after all.

Electronic drum pads, on their own, can also be used as good practice tools.


Visit one of our PMT House of Drums drum shops, spread across the UK, to try an electronic drum pad for yourself - our drum experts will be at hand and glad to help you with any questions you may have, and, who knows, if you decide to buy an electronic pad you might as well revolutionize the way you play drums, forever!


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  • How to clean electronic drum pads?

    To clean electronic drum pads use a clean, dry cloth. If necessary you may dampen the cloth with water, but avoid alcohol-based cleaners and be sure to pat dry the pads after cleaning.
  • How to play electronic drum pads?

    Electronic drum pads are played in much the same way as you would play on a standard acoustic drum - the only difference is that you must be hooked up to a speaker or monitor in order to hear the samples which are triggered as you play.
  • How long do electronic drum pads last?

    Electronic drum pads will last for years if properly cared for - they are built to withstand being hit again and again, with years of innovation in choosing the correct materials and components to ensure the optimum durability.
  • Are electronic drum pads any good?

    Electronic drum pads are an awesome option for musicians who wish to add some extra flair to their music - they can be integrated into a standard drum kit or played on their own in order to trigger samples and loops.