Stage Pianos

Stage Pianos are purpose-built for use in live performance environment. Although they have a smaller amount of built-in sounds than synths or workstations, most stage pianos have a very high standard of piano, string section and organ sounds, making them a great choice for gigging artists. PMT Online has a fantastic selection of stage pianos for sale including brands such as NordYamahaRolandKorg and the up-and-coming ROLI. All items in stock are eligible for FREE Next Day Delivery.


Stage pianos will often have a weighted key bed and 88 keys. They are built more robustly than their synthesizer counterparts, in order to handle the rigors of transportation and touring. Even though synths may offer more sounds, nothing beats a good digital piano as the primary choice for players who just want the best piano and vintage organ sounds, and that's why today at most gigs worldwide we see stage pianos replacing traditional upright and electric pianos, Hammond and Farfisa organs.

At the PMT piano shop, we stock the very latest models from all of today's leading brands. We recommend checking out the new Yamaha CP range currently used by Jamie Cullum, the excellent Roland RD series or the entry Korg SP models. ROLI's innovative Seaboard GRAND has been turning some heads, too.


Home Pianos are not the best choice if you plan to gig, as they are not purpose-built for the rigors of touring. If you're a gigging musician looking for the best possible piano and organ sounds for performance, we strongly recommend you to choose a stage piano.

On the other hand, nothing stops you from buying a stage piano to play at home, but in terms of looks and convenience, you'll probably be happier if you choose a home piano instead. If you have any questions or is uncertain as to what's the best digital piano for you, please get in touch or visit your local PMT Piano Shop, where product experts at our piano shops will be glad to help!

In addition to all this, our PMT stores in ManchesterLeedsBirmingham and Bristol are official Roland Planet stores, with dedicated areas featuring a huge selection of Roland pianos and keyboards you can try, so come pay us a visit today!


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