Korg, a leader in musical innovation, offers cutting-edge electronic instruments and audio tools. With a legacy spanning decades, Korg creates products that blend creativity with advanced technology. Crafted for musicians and producers, their synthesizers, digital pianos, and production equipment deliver unparalleled sound quality and versatility.

Renowned for their intuitive interfaces and professional-grade performance, Korg instruments empower creators across genres. Elevate your music with Korg – a symbol of innovation and sonic excellence that continues to define the forefront of electronic music and audio production.


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Enhance your Performance

Designed to ensure stunning performance in the studio and on the stage, Korg provide a vast range of premium digital audio workstations, synths, production gear and digital pianos to meet the demands of any artists, producers and DJs at all times.

Exceptional Synthesizers

Consistently the innovators of sonic advancements, Korg Synthesizers have maintained their indisputable status by offering everything from Digital Analogue to Analogue Modelling Machines. Whether it's legendary products like the MS-20 to groundbreaking new additions such as the Korg Wavestate, these versatile pieces of gear are sure to give you a creative spark when you need it most in music creation and sound design.

Immersive Keyboard Experience

Incorporating powerful synthesis engines, a spectacular keybed and an innovative control surface, Korg's range of keyboards/workstations have been optimised to meet all expectations for artists and producers in the studio and on the stage. If you're in the market for a keyboard that can do it all, the Korg Kronos 2 is sure to scratch your itch, however, if you're looking for a workstation that's more portable the Korg I3 is sure to be the perfect choice for you.

Visually Lush Digital Pianos

Offering both superior build quality along with immersive sounds, Korg's range of digital home pianos guarantee a look and sound that's sure to be admired. If you require a Digital Piano that you can also take to the stage, the Korg SV-2 is an exceptional choice, whereas the Korg C1 Air comes with a stunning aesthetic that's sure to enhance the visuals of any room.

Elevate your Production

Enhance to deliver elite connectivity and integration within your pre-existing studio rig, Korg's DJ and Production range offers everything from Analogue Synths to Rhythm Machines, to Samplers. For effortless control, Korg's Kaoss range provides intuitive tech that provides authentic electronic sounds for both studio and stage.


  • Where are Korg keyboards made?

    Korg products are made in Japan.
  • What is the difference between an arranger keyboard and a workstation?

    The prominent difference between a workstation and an arranger keyboard is that the keybaord comes with an auto accompanying system built in. Meaning that the keyboard can produce backing tracks that will immediately suit the style and rhythm.